Written by Dr Weyinmi Erikowa



I am a very lazy person in terms of hard work, my mother can testify to that. However, what baffles her is my ability to act like a fierce force when emergencies happen. It was a cool evening and I was just listening to the radio, I don’t like the television for no justifiable reason. The radio presenter was discussing the dangers of teenage pregnancy in our region. I loved the topic, as I get to see young unmarried girls with ‘big belle’ every day.

As I was shaking my leg to the rhythm of the music as the show went on break, I was interrupted by one of my neighbours, she was approaching me and shouting, “Oga please help us oh. My daughter has gone into labour oh. Please, we beg you, help us get to the hospital”. Thankfully, I was dressed up in my khaki shorts and white shirt, I quickly wore my sandals, grabbed my wallet and car keys.

I arrived at the house of my neighbour and saw her 16 years old daughter sitting on the fall, holding her waist and crying out in pains. I have seen pregnant women and I still cannot comprehend their labour pains. So we helped her into the car and zoomed off to the hospital. While I drove, I kept my mind on how she is quite young to give birth to a child and the health impacts. Yes, I forgot to tell you, I am good at analysing situations; it creates solutions to the problems.

So in my curious state of mind, as we approached the hospital, I asked the mother of the pregnant girl, “Mama, your pikin attend antenatal?” She gave a negative response with the reason that her daughter was embarrassed about the whole thing and felt ashamed after attending a session once. “Ok! Ok! Mama, I see!” In my head, I was swearing and cursing but I don’t know who to blame- the mother, the girl or the society.

So we arrived at the hospital, we told the nurse on duty a young girl is in labour. She appeared shocked as she saw the young girl brought in. She quickly asked for antenatal records and any other relevant documents relating to the expectant mother. I quickly explained to her that, there was none. She just changed from a sweet nurse to angry mother; she was furious, she sighed and blamed us and made comments towards the young girl. It is common for us in our area to be judgemental so I didn’t bother confronting her.

No antenatal records meant we had to wait longer for us to be attended to. We have to follow ‘due process.’ I made sure we followed the process in patience and hoped as the hospital is a crazy place to be in and you have to be in good terms with the staff, else… So after an hour of registration and numerous forms signing and what I took to be a brief antenatal or pre-delivery check-up. The midwife walked up to us and asked who’s taking responsibility for the girl. I responded that I was here to support the elderly woman. We asked if there’s anything we needed to do regarding the safe delivery of the girl and her baby. The midwife told us to start praying as her pelvis is still immature to deliver a baby.  “Blood of Jesus!” exclaimed the mother of the pregnant girl! ”Mama! Mama! Please calm down! We need to get more explanation on the matter” I pacified her. The old woman just kept crying in the usual Nigerian way.

So while the wailing about the situation continued, I quickly called a few of my friends. Yes, I have a speed dial for emergencies. While I waited for my calls to yield some ‘fruits’, I went to meet the doctor quietly so the old woman won’t continue crying. “Madam Docki! Good evening Ma! I am sorry to bother you oh. Please, I just want to have a few clarification about the situation of the young girl who is said to have an immature pelvis. Please, Ma, try to break it down in simpler terms, so my Mama can understand”.  She looked at me and said “oya sit down let us talk. First of all, I am not too happy with the current situation. She is too young to give birth, her pelvis is too small as she hasn’t developed fully as a woman and lastly, we are to perform a Caesarean Section. How did she end up pregnant sef? Didn’t she receive home training? (She muttered to herself).  Is that clear enough?”  “Yes, Doctor! Thank you very much! Oh, Dr, how much are we talking about here? You know for the C-Section?” I questioned “Oh that’s not a lot of money, it’s just 300,000 Naira”, replied the Doctor.

“300K for wetin na?” I lamented. All the same, I thanked her and headed out. I smiled as I already sourced for funds with the calls I made. My friends had arrived and all I did was explain the situation and collected the money. And I tried to bind and cast the judgemental spirit that was forcing itself upon them to make awful comments. I thanked them because we don’t get such Father Christmas gifts as quickly as this.

So I went to meet the nurse on duty and told her we are ready for the procedure as we have the money. She was just grumbling about how this money wants to be wasted on a silly girl who didn’t know her left from her right. Oh well, I don’t blame anyone for making the angry comments towards the teenage girl. I believe everyone is accountable for his or her actions; my only exception will be a rape case in this situation. So I pleaded with the nurse, that we get things done as quickly as possible, in my mind, I was preparing the questions I had for the girl and her mother after this whole wahala subsides.  Come to think of it! We had spent 6 hours at the hospital already. Oh yes! You are curious about how I have that kind of time for people? Well…..I am a Nigerian with a twist. My life revolves around people and finding solutions to problems.

After two hours of waiting, the young girl was wheeled into the theatre, while I listened to the numerous prayer requests family and friends were releasing into the atmosphere. Gosh! I can be very sarcastic especially when I am on my worst behaviour. When the sex was sweet and things were rosy, they weren’t thinking of the future prayers of today. I reclined on the long chair at the edge of a window and gave in to my thoughts. Where is the young man that is responsible for this pregnancy? How could they have sex without protection? Who will be responsible for the newborn? What happens to the girl’s education? Are we giving enough sex education to our young ones? How did we get to this situation, were our eyes blindfolded?

I felt a hand touch me, I quickly realised I was still at the hospital. The doctor was still dressed in her green scrubs but without her gloves or mask. “Please, we need your help if you can. It is a matter of life and death. The young girl is bleeding severely and we are trying our best to stop further bleeding. She has lost a lot of blood and would need a blood transfusion as quickly as possible” she said. “Ok doctor”, I replied. “Doctor, please what about the baby?” “Oh! She had a baby girl but she’s under supervision for now, as we are trying to keep the mother alive” the doctor answered hurriedly.

I sighed! “Lord let this not be a bad day for us, I pray”. I quickly went to the nursing station and asked for the location of the Blood Bank. One of the nurses gave me the direction to the Bank, however as I moved away from their station, they called me back. ‘’Oga, you sure say you want make that girl survive?’’  They asked me. I looked at them like strange beings, wondering why they asked such question. As if they read my thoughts, they told me to go and try my ‘’luck’’. I was furious about their attitude towards critical issues, but I don’t blame them.

So I found the Blood Bank, I asked for blood as the young girl has type O, the attendant told me, there was no blood available. “Oga sir, no vex oh! Blood no dey. I fit direct you go one place inside town” the attendant replied. I played cool for the few minutes and asked if I could donate blood for the girl as I was a type O. “Oga, me I no fit do all that procedure for now. My chief no dey duty now, you know say night duty get as e be” he replied me. In my mind, I felt like using koboko to flog the young man. Arrant nonsense!

“Okay, no vex as you no sabi anything now. Where I fit buy blood now now?” I asked him. He gave me an address, which was not too far from the hospital. I drove down there and asked for blood. It took an hour to get type O blood after so many explanations and protocols. I headed to the hospital, gave one of the nurses the blood and she replied,” hope this blood no get kwanta oh?” The atmosphere was tensed, the old woman was sobbing quietly and it felt like death hovered around us. We kept our prayers to ourselves as we lacked the strength to pray openly, God saw our hearts, and I guess the angels wept with us as well.

The dangers that lie with teenage pregnancy was all I thought about as we waited for news. Who sent this girl to have sex at a tender age? After all, this suffer, she will enter the streets again to continue her bad behaviour? What will be the fate of the baby girl? Another life without supervision or a lesson will be learnt?

I heard the Mama call my name, “Doctor said we should come inside”. I followed her down the hall and got to the ward the young girl was admitted in.  She was awake but too weak to say anything. Mama beamed with joy.  I was welcomed back to reality with a fantastic Itsekiri song….trust me, the old lady was dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I guess she forgot all her worries for the time being. I beamed with joy but my mind was filled with questions, no one seems to know the answers.

As I stared at the little baby, I asked within me, “will your mother learn her lessons and care to share her experience?” Teenage pregnancy doesn’t pay. The pathway to motherhood is not for the unprepared.

*                                  *                                  *                                  *                                *                                  *

‘Palava you dey find’ sang Fela!

I enjoy listening to Fela’s songs because they are meaningful. While I was seriously nodding to the tunes from my phone, someone called my name. I turned to see who that amazing person could be. Jisos e! It was the child and her baby, the teenage girl who gave birth a few months ago. “Doh oh” I greeted her while I looked at her carefully. She had tired eyes, a crying baby and dirty clothes on her.

How are you doing? I asked her. She adjusted her wrapper and said she was fine but not too well. “I am just managing myself”, she replied. “I haven’t eaten well in the last three days. Since I cannot go to school, and everyone in my house is always busy; I am helping my mother sell at the market. It is not easy at all. The baby is always crying and I have to breastfeed her all the time. My mother keeps yelling at me. I get frustrated with the whole thing; sometimes I just sit down and start crying. Please, I am begging you; can you help me with some food or money to buy some food for myself?” She asked.  “Eyah! Kpele! Doh!” I sympathised with her. “You see my young friend, what is happening to you now is called life. You hear me so?  Life happens when you don’t prepare for it. I have some food to give you, but it is not only the food to eat I have got. You need to eat the food of knowledge and understanding, so you can have value for yourself and what pertains to your life.”

I beckoned her to come sit with me as the baby had stopped crying.  I went inside the house and brought a bowl of rice, stew and fried plantain; I served her and she ate voraciously like a very hungry lioness. I shook my head in sorrow, “poor child, how did you get yourself into this mess?” I thought to myself. After she ate, I served her a chilled Zobo Drink. As she drank with great delight, I started with the food of questions and answers. Yes na! Nothing is for free, even animals know that. “Where is the father of this child?” She almost fell off her chair. “Why are you scared? Where is the father of the child?” I probed. She bowed her head as she cuddled her baby. “He is at home inside this our village. He is the son of well-known petty trader”. She replied. “Eh-en! You mean he is as young as you are and you decided to play love play?” (My sarcastic behaviour was playing out) I was already getting somewhat angry. “Hmm! He said he loved me and that nothing would happen to me” she quickly added as she saw the look on my face. “My friends were doing it with their boyfriends; I didn’t want to be left out; so I did it out of love and to avoid my friends from laughing at me”. “Chai! You say?” I exclaimed in a soft voice so I don’t scare her. “My dear, who is laughing at you now? Where is the love now? Why would you think your boyfriend loved you so much? And why did you trust your friends? Did you have a class on sex education? Or at least your mother telling you about the dangers of early sex and pregnancy or STDs if you are not married?”

She started crying softly. “Sex was taught during our Biology class, we joked about it. We really didn’t know about the consequences of pre-marital sex. My parents are more concerned about their own activities and they felt I was just a ‘small girl’. I didn’t let anyone at home know I had a boyfriend. He gave me gifts and I hid them or used them only when I was in school. Besides he said, nothing will happen even if he didn’t wear a condom.” “You are so naïve. So how did you know you were pregnant?” I asked her. She gave out a soft laugh, “I didn’t. It was my mother who detected I was pregnant. I wasn’t conscious about my menstrual cycle, so didn’t care too much when I missed my period” “Interesting! What about the Biology class on Menstruation?” I queried. “Oh! That was one difficult class I didn’t understand and there was no one to explain to me properly. So my mother was just shouting ‘you are pregnant, you this girl! You have killed me!’I ran to my friends, but they kept laughing and advised I do an abortion. I was too scared, so I went to meet my boyfriend. He yelled at me and almost had me beaten up. He said he wasn’t responsible for the pregnancy and I should never visit his house again. I felt like dying but I had to summon the courage to live with my actions.” “How does it feel to be a teenage mother?” I asked her “It is not a thing to take pride in. It is very difficult to start life again except you have people to encourage you and it is not advisable to have a baby as a teenage girl. Now I have learnt my lesson, I wish others will learn from me.” She answered soberly. “Now you have eaten the food of the elders,” I said smiling at her.

                                       THE END

In Nigeria, teenage pregnancy was being predicted to soar over 60 million by 2015 according to National Population Commission (NPC). One out of ten teenage girls in the south is likely to get pregnant. Related to this are pregnancy complications, unsafe abortion, poor antenatal care and curtailment of education attainment. We all have roles to play, every sister, brother, mother, aunty, uncle, father, mother can educate a child. Do your part, begin by sharing this story.

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Written by: Ayokunle Olagoke



Hosanna (17) is looking weak on the hospital bed where she is seated. She has bruises on her forehead, lips and part of her hand that is exposed. She is dressed in a hospital gown. Beside her are the doctor and another woman.

I was asked if you will like to press charges

Hosanna shakes her head in disapproval but says nothing

I must really commend you for taking the right step. The ideal thing is that victims should be present at a government hospital immediately after the incidence because only a government hospital’s report is admissible in court. Also, victims should be given Post Exposure Prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection, this should be taken within 48 hours and emergency contraceptive should be given to prevent pregnancy from occurring, it is available at every government hospital.

Hosanna is still in shock, she is mute, staring at the doctor’s shoulder

This is Barr Ohakwe, we call her Mama Justice… her NGO partners with us in assisting with emotional support, counseling and helping you get justice, I will…

Suddenly, they hear a loud cry at the corridor. A loud sound of a woman wailing

Olorun ti mo un sin loju mejeeji (the God I serve fervently)! It is not my portion, Labake mi o ni ku (my dear Labake, will not die), Yeh!

I will be back. Please, excuse me

Dr. Esiri leaves the room hastily. She opens the door hurriedly and closes it again. Hosanna looks through the window to catch a glimpse of what is happening

A young lady is being wheeled on the stretcher with the wailing woman running after her alongside some nurses

Mama Justice moves her chair closer to Hosanna with a simple smile

Again I ask, will you like to press charges?

Hosanna shakes her head rapidly in disapproval, her eyes getting misty


By now, tears are flowing down her eyes

Whatever the decision you make, I will surely respect it but, can I know why?

I’m not sure if it was a rape… I don’t know if I can call it a rape… I think I caused it to happen

Do you mind telling me the full story?


Hosanna, dressed in touches of red is constantly wiping the sweat off her face with her face towel and off her sweaty palms. Knocks at the door but there is no response. After a while, Jimi walks towards the door reluctantly to open. She gives him a hug but he expresses reluctance

Happy Val

She is beaming with joy but Jimi seems unwelcoming

You are not dressed? Are we not going out again? You said we were going to see a movie or have you forgotten? I have been calling you to remind you, you were not picking my calls


You didn’t even ask about my test result I said was pasted… Eco 104, it was fine , though, I had 72

Hmmm… good

What are you up to? Your project?


How do I look in this dress? I deliberately got this dress because of you, I know you love me looking sexy. Say something now, you like it?

She turns around for him to see

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Dr Sprinte

Hossy, do we have to keep going round the same cycle over and over again? I have told you time and time again, we can’t go on a major outing with you looking like an inflated balloon, I’ve said, for now, we can only have our relationship in the room till you lose some more weight and form a reasonable shape… I mean, I can’t go out with you looking like this

But I’m trying, I go to the gym on Saturdays until you said you don’t like the trainer and I should stop going till I get another gym; despite that I still jog every morning, I am trying

By now she already has misty eyes with her voice shaking

Look Hossy, he that is good at making excuses will only keep making more. You are fat, you sweat a lot, your palms, your face, nose, sole of feet… see, my girlfriend illuminates me, my girlfriend is meant to be a reflection of me, if you are like this then, I can’t show you off, BURN MORE FAT!

He yells out at her. By now she is not able to control her tears, the tears run down her cheeks uncontrollably. Her lips are trembling as she sobs

A friend’s sister is coming around, I will be going out with her because I really need to cool off, have some fun this season that happens once in a year… just friends

He avoids making eye contact with Hosanna who by now is soaked in tears

Look it’s okay…it’s okay. You know I love you hum? You can take this time to read up some of the classes you’ve missed, exams are coming soon and in 100 level trust me you need a good CGPA okay?

Hosanna nods in concordance with what he just said

Oya give me a smile now my Hossy! Hossy!

She manages to smile

Let me be on my way then so you can have some time to get set

She bends down to put on her shoes, her clothes are up her thighs, Jimi sights the exposed thighs, the tightly fitted top revealing her cleavage as she bends

Ah! No now, won’t you cook for your Jim-Jim? Do you want me to carry empty
stomach around campus? Go and prepare something jor

He teases her. Hosanna is still sniffing, cleans the tears off her face. She bends down to carry the pot from the wooden cupboard close to the bed. She opens it and sees it is dirty, she carries it outside the room. Jimi heaves a sigh of relief as she leaves

                                                            THIRTY-EIGHT MINUTES LATER

Jimi’s phone rings, he looks back to be sure Hosanna is not close by. The door is left open; it cannot be shut except when locked with a key.

Hey, guy! I just want to eat before I call you

He tries to reduce his voice, still sounding confident too.

I told you it’s a small matter. At the moment she is in the kitchen making me dinner… mumu

He chuckles

I don’t know what she wants me to do with a fat girl with sweaty palms and feet, me Olujimi Festus… abeg are the girls ready?… Yeh! I’m dead… if today is when I will have HIV I am ready… who?… she said the bleeding has ceased, she’s at home with her mama. We will discuss more when we see… I will join you soon

After making the call, he turns back still smiling broadly. To his amazement,  Hosanna walks in, she has a pot of rice in her hand, she stares at Jimi as tears start to fill her eyes

I heard you… I heard everything

She pulls the hot pot of rice towards herself so she can throw it out with full force towards Jimi but he quickly blocks it with his hand and the rice spilled over the entire room. He hits her hard on her cheeks causing her to land on the floor. Jimi goes towards the door, locks it and draws out his belt

Are you mad? Look at the whole room, is it my fault that you are a shapeless ameba? You will never repeat this again in your life, now pick every single grain

He whips her with the belt on her buttocks, she cries out loud. Jimi puts his finger across his lips telling her to keep quiet

Quiet! If I hear your voice again, I will wound you badly.

She is nodding her head nonstop

Today is your day, now, take off your dress.

Ah! Please Jimi, you know I’m a virgin

No, I don’t know, I’m just about to know. Off!

By now she is sobbing profusely.

I don’t know if that’s rape. I walked into his room myself, I seduced him, it’s my fault and I cannot press charges, my father is a Reverend, he will kill me

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HeartMINDERS RAPE2Join us tomorrow for a walk against rape

Mama Justice has gone to her side to comfort her

Hmmm! I am so sorry Hosanna but let me help you get some things clear. This is
not your fault, of course, I do not endorse your entire actions but this rape is not your fault and yes he did rape you, Section 357 of the Criminal Code Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria stipulates that anyone who is convicted of using violence to have carnal knowledge of a woman without her consent shall be guilty of rape. As long as your consent was not given, it’s rape. Keeping silent and not reporting will further endanger you, as you will be exposed to the possibility of him striking again. You cannot afford to live in the bondage of silence, which is the power rapists have over their victims.

Dr. Esiri walks in looking tired and unhappy. The voice of the wailing woman is heard from outside

Ha, Labake! Kin se base so niyi (this was not what we agreed)! Jimi Festus, wherever you are, your parents will mourn over you like you are making me mourn

She’s gone. She was actually brought in dead. We were told they found in her diary that she was raped by one Jimi Festus some months ago…

Hosanna is shocked, she cuts in trembling

That’s Jimi, same guy who raped me

Dr. Esiri and Mama Justice express surprise

So she kept it to herself, did not visit the hospital after then, I guess she was ignorant. Few months after the rape, she found out she was pregnant. Jimi told her to get rid of it… took her to where she terminated the pregnancy. Days later she developed   complications, septic abortion. She went back there; in short, they could not control the hemorrhage. On her way down here she gave up the ghost


So I’m not the first Jimi will…

But you can be the last if you choose to press charges. Every time we lock up a rapist, we’re preventing him or her from committing another attack. You can be saving an entire generation just by taking this up. For the love of others…

I think I’ll do this. If this lady had taken the case up maybe he would not have done the same thing to me. If I don’t take it up, he might do it to another girl. I will… I will do this

She breaks down into tears. The other two women walk towards her to embrace her

                                                                 THE END

Appreciation: Seun Abimbola
Between March 2012 and March 2013, 678 rape cases were reported in Lagos state alone
95% of victims are raped by people they know, love and trust.

If every Nigerian knows what to do in the case of rape, we would have less rape  incidence, less unplanned pregnancies and a decrease in the number of people with HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

The Lagos State Government, through the State Domestic and Sexual Violence response Team (DSVRT), has approved the use of the 112 toll-free emergency line to report cases of rape,  domestic violence, defilement, child abuse, neglect and other
sexual assaults perpetrated in the state.

Rape victims should go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY after the experience so as to, among other things, get immediate treatment and evidence to prosecute the rapist because after 72 hours, evidence necessary to prosecute the perpetrator may be lost. For more information on how to handle a rape case click here

Some NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) that offer relief are:
1. Mirabel Center in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital
2. End Rape And Sex Abuse (ERSA)


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Story by: Busayo Awodein

weaning mobile

Total weaning was something I really did not look forward to. Apart from the emotional stress being undergone by mother and child that period, I really was not ready to stop enjoying the benefits I derived from breastfeeding – especially that of the mother to child bond. Initially, I had planned to breastfeed for two years or at least 18 months, but a part of me just felt it was time to stop which I did at 16 months. Hence, here’s my weaning story.

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Immediately my daughter clocked one, I intensified the weaning process. I stopped breastfeeding during the daytime and breastfed only at nights. I had come to terms with the fact that it would be almost impossible for me to stop breastfeeding completely on my own because I could not bear to see her cry so hard for something that I had the power to give her, so I was waiting for a ‘savior’. I knew I had to stop because I was not having adequate rest at nights; she woke frequently to breastfeed, and she also had little sleep.  Thankfully mother was coming to spend some time with me. So, the plan was baby would stay with mother at nights and when she wakes to feed, there would always be a substitute- pap, chocolate drink or cereal.

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So, the process of full weaning started. It required a lot of determination on my part. The whole weaning took about five painful days…painful physically because of engorged breasts, and painful emotionally because of my baby’s cry. Gradually, after the five days we started, she started sleeping all through the night and forgot about breast milk altogether.


Script It: did everything change in that 5 days?

Busayo: yes, more or less. After 5 days maybe 3 more extra days after mom left. When she woke up then, I would just pat her bombom until she slept back

Script It: so after a week you stopped she started sleeping all through the night?

Busayo: yes

Script It: do you think their frequent waking at night to suck is not really because they are hungry?

Busayo: for my child, well, thinking back, I think it was just an addiction, bus once she knew that breast milk was not going to show she stopped. That was why I did not want to give her food too because it might just mean waking up to eat, which will become another addiction.

Script It: I like the point you just raised about not introducing food so they don’t start the habit of waking up to eat again. When she woke up for the cereal and pap back then, was she sleeping off immediately after taking them?

Busayo: yes she was sleeping off immediately after taking them. Sometimes she would start sleeping as she was taking it

Script It: during the times when she was waking up to take cereals, did her intermittent wake up frequency reduce?

Busayo: yes, it reduced drastically. Instead of waking up 5 times before day break, it reduced to once or twice.

Script It: why pap and cereal?

Busayo: I guess pap and cereals are more filling so it made her sleep more soundly

Script It: thank you

Download the World Health Organization recommendation on weaning


boomerangWritten by Ayokunle Olagoke


LARA (35) is seating at the receptionist’s cubicle with a tag on her table that reads “kindly make all your inquiries here”. She is conversing with someone over the phone. Her food pack is on the right side of the table. She has the TV remote control in her hand, a Nigerian movie is being shown on the television. She is chewing a piece of meat in her mouth as she is also engrossed in the conversation.

I already told her, until she leaves that church I don’t see an end coming to her pro… You married a husband who has no job as if that is not enough you are now attending a church where your pastor who is 68 years old has no child, how do you think he will pray for you to have a child?

She pauses to get a response from the other end of the phone. Femi, a young man walks in, looking exhausted with a small sheet of paper in his hand. He wipes off the sweat from his face with his sleeves. He takes a glance at the sheet of paper then takes a looks at the name of the company boldly written on the insignia hung on the wall, he walks towards Lara, taking a bow with his head as a form of greeting. Lara stares at him from head to toe, his appearance does not look impressive or choice.
She signals to him with her left hand to hold on while she continues with her conversation. Femi attempts to speak but Lara repeats the signal again. Femi waits right there standing in front of Lara’s desk, hoping that Lara’s conversation will end soon. Lara continues to chew on her meat.

Since we all left school, no progress in her life. There is so much of bad luck following that so-called husband of hers… really? Is that his new lie? He can never get a job. Until I see him working with my two eyes and paying bills at home, I will never believe he… ah you know you believe things so easily.So, have you heard from Leye? Is he still dating that Nike girl?

She makes a long hiss to depict hopelessness on the matter.

Nike has cast a spell on him, how can a lady tell you her two siblings died of sickle cell and she is AS, and you still want to go ahead and marry her… ehen? Even if he is AA nko? AS and AA, there is still “S” there so they can have SS child o… ehen? So they can’t have SS child that way? Are you sure? Anyway, you work in the hospital… me I sha don’t like Nike, she’s even slim like an ogbanje… her tiny legs like that of Miss Pepeye

She bursts out into laughter,

Yes now, she wears skinny trouser like a prostitute

She hisses in disgust. At this point, Femi walks to where the seats are to take a seat, he seems  restless as he checks the time on his phone which is bonded with a rubber band. Lara glances at him as he goes to take his seat and quickly takes her eyes off him.

All I know is whatever we all sow we will… Muyiwa leave me jare, all you men are the same, show me a man who does not cheat and I will show you a first class liar. I lived with Lanre for fourteen years yet he went about chasing after tiny legged girls and me I don’t have patience, before he  could say “Jack” I’ve packed my… So you are saying your wife left just because she doesn’t want to relocate to Nigeria with you? I don’t believe that Femi’s phone rings, he goes out to receive the call.

Lara stretches her neck to peep at him and see what he is up to, pulling the land line closer so she can see him clearly.

I have a visitor jare, he resembles all this aboki selling suya, he has been so impatient, ah I told him to wait, I will attend to him, nobody can even do any shakara for me in this office. They never pay me my three months salary so I will work at my own pace… my battery is flat, we’ve been talking for more than an hour… She is fine o, she is back from school so I sent her to the market, she should even be back any moment from now. Amen ooo, all of them will give us great delight. Her brother is writing his WAEC next month, I am getting relieved gradually…

Femi walks in and approaches Lara’s desk impatiently, looking worried


So we will talk later jare

Turns her revolving chair towards Femi, staring at him rudely

So how may I help you?

My name is Femi, an accident occurred close to Azizat Market some hours ago involving a young girl and a taxi, the taxi did not wait after the collision so I took the girl who was lying there helplessly, to the hospital, there was no way we could recognize her, she
wasn’t speaking. On my way home to go change my shirt because it was stained with blood, I saw this piece of paper in my back seat with this company’s letterhead so I thought someone here might know her

He dips his hand into his pocket to bring out the sheet of paper. Written on it is the list of things to buy from the market. Lara quickly snatches it from his hand trembling as she recognizes her own handwriting on the paper, she is shaking uncontrollably.

Yeh! Yeh! She’s my daughter

We need to hurry now, I just got a call from the hospital that my attention is needed

Ah! You should have told me… you should have… yeh


Ogbanje – a child believed to repeatedly die and then return to its mother to be reborn
Miss Pepeye – a character in the Wale Adenuga’s Papa Ajasco comedy who tries to create the impression that she is classic but is truly not. She is simply plastic

ARTLESS (Episode 2)


ARTLESS (Episode 2)

Written by: Ayokunle Olagoke

In an interview on MTV (2001) by Kurt Loder of MTV news with Eminem (15 times Grammy Award winner), also known by his real name as Marshall Mathers, Eminem talked about how he doesn’t want his daughter to listen to his songs anymore, because she is old enough now to understand what her daddy was saying.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average child listens to more than 2 1/2 hours of music daily


AUDREY (8 years) and ALFRED are each standing in front of their individual birthday cakes. AUDREY is dressed in her pink top and short skirt. A bit of her belly is out with a large part of her back also revealed. Aflred who is also eight is wearing a crazy jean with crocodile hair style. They are surrounded by their classmates.


Now the 2 celebrants are going to make their individual wishes, let’s start with you Audrey, come on sweetheart!


(moves closer to the cake so she can blow off all the candles easily)

My wish is to dance and shake my boobs in Davido’s music video one day

There is a mixed reaction in the room, many of the other kids give her a resounding applause while there are mixed feelings among the teachers. Alfred cuts in


But your boobs are flat, I’m sure Davido is not going to want you


Yes he will!


He won’t!

The moment aunty Ngozi spotted the unhealthy argument going on among the minors she quickly cuts in


It’s alright guys, now Audrey, can you make another wish?


What’s wrong with the wish I made? Are you also joining Alfred?

At that moment, the closing bell rings, Audrey grabs her school bag and dashes out of the room with tears in her eyes.


Audrey! Sweetheart, come here!

Her mother is already waiting for her in the car alongside the driver, she runs towards the parents’ car park and jumps inside the car with aunty Ngozi running to catch up with her

Oh baby na banga-banga, if you no give
me your body then I go jump for


Mummy, let’s leave


                 What’s going on? We can’t just leave. Dele, turn down the music volume… aunty Ngozi!


(just approaching the car, panting heavily)

Good afternoon ma…


They are still on their way home. Music playing at the background


Yepa! Afi ko pa mi o (unless you kill me), what I’m seeing is trouble, because of you I go hustle

What song is this, Dele? Did you just
download it?


Ah! aunty, this is “On top of me” by Fregene


I like the song o. You will give me on my phone

(She turns to Audrey who seems lost in thought)

Sweetheart, what are you thinking of?

Mrs Aganga’s phone rings


Hello dear… fine o… really? Hold on a second, let me give her the phone… (she puts the phone on hold) Audery, it’s Alfred’s mum, Alfred wants to speak with you


I’m not speaking with him


Come on darling, hear him out

(She reluctantly collects the phone)


Yea?… I’ve heard you… yes I’ve heard you but I still can’t be your girl for now. From what you did I don’t think you can take care of me… alright… what time on Saturday? I will tell my mum

She hangs up the phone


What did he say?


He said he’s sorry. He wants me to come for his birthday party on Saturday but I don’t want to


But why sweetheart?


Because I have flat boobs, I want a bigger one. They are going to call us out to dance and how will I shake my bombom and boobs when they are flat?


Sweetheart, don’t worry about that, I’m sure he won’t mind


He will. He told me he like it when it’s big


Ok, look at Tiwa Salvage, she has a moderate size and she’s doing fine. It’s because you are still a child

Audrey doesn’t look convinced. Her two arms are folded in discontentment


Ok! I will buy you something you will wear that will make it come out


You mean like a cloth? What about after the party, can I still wear it?


Sweetheart you will take it off after the party ok?


                    I want something permanent, (she mutters)


They are just getting home, Mrs Aganga steps out of the car, heads into the building while Audrey is busy packing their luggage out of the car. Dele confirms that Mrs Aganga has gone farther away then he starts a conversation with Audrey


Audrey, I can help you get a big boob, you won’t have to wear anything. It’s for big girls and I can teach you how to be a big girl then have boobs


                    Really? Like the one the girls have in Olamide’s video? (beaming with excitement)


Sure! Even bigger


Wow! When will you help me?


Firstly, you must never tell anybody about it


                    Okay (nodding incessantly) I promise. I won’t


Not even your mummy o


No, I won’t


Ok! this is what we will do, the party is this Saturday and today is Thursday so we have to be fast

Audrey is nodding in concurrence


So instead of taking you to school tomorrow morning, I will take you there.


I don’t get it


You know we drop your mummy first on our way… so after dropping your mummy, I will take you home


We will come back home?


Yes… no… the place, I mean the place where we will make you mature then you will have a big bombom after then but like I said, you must never tell anyone, not even your mummy, if you tell anyone what I want to do will not work, you hear?


I already promised and it’s not right to break promises



Where is the music you were playing yesterday? Please let’s play it again

Dele inserts the USB cord attached to the stereo into his mobile phone and increases the volume of the car stereo.


Your body na too hot, let me be caught putting it on you


Mum, I will be going for Alfred’s birthday (she is beaming with so much excitement)


Wow! That’s my baby, I’m so glad you changed your mind

Something is going to happen today,
something good which will make me
attend the party

Really? Tell me what it is

Dele quickly gave her a critical look from the center mirror,
his heart pants increasingly

It’s a secret for later

You know I can keep a secret so tell me

By now Dele appears restless on his seat, he stylishly turns up
the volume of the stereo

The last time I told you about my secret
swimming class, you said you were not
going to tell dad but you told him


Dele, please turn down the music. That’s
different, your dad has a great phobia
for swimming so I can’t hide something
like that from him, he won’t be happy.

Mom! let’s not talk about this again
please, I will tell you later

Alright! If you insist

Not long, they arrive at Mrs Aganga’s office, she gives Audrey a
tight hug and hurries into the building. Dele heaves a sigh of
relief as she works into the building
(looking back to have an eye
contact with Audrey)
And why were you running your mouth?

But I kept the promise, I didn’t tell
her the secret

But you almost did, the more you run
your mouth about our plan the more your
bombom will keep getting flat ok?

Ok… (looking unhappy) I’m sorry


They both arrive at Dele’s apartment, Mama Twins who is his
neighbour in the “face me I face you” building is seen washing
clothes outside, close to the well.

Dele, which one you dey? Who be this?

My sister’s daughter

She is staring at the prim and proper little girl and wondering
how Dele’s sister could have raised such a chubby daughter

Ehen? No be this girl follow your madam
come last time? (pointing her finger
at Audrey with curiosity)

Ehen? Wetin be your own Mama Twins? (he

Dele pulls Audrey by the hand tin the direction of his room hurriedly, brings out
his bunch of keys from his pocket, opens the door to the one
room apartment hurriedly. He puts on his sound player, presses the play button

Uhh… oh baby… roll, roll, roll your
Ehen! Now, lie on the bed and take off your

He starts to take off his own too. Mama Twins walks quietly
towards Dele’s window to peep through. Her eyes rolls to and fro
the room in search of the activities going on till she sights Audrey

Ok uncle Dele

          At this point, Dele’s phone rings, he walks away from the bed towards the table to answer the call

Yes ma… It’s traffic I will soon be

I’ve taken off all my clothes, uncle Dele


 (hitting Dele’s door hard) Dele! Open this door and let the poor girl go o, Dele!

                             MRS AGANGA (ON PHONE)

                    (over hears Audrey’s voice at the background alongside Mama Twins’ loud voice from the window)

                    That’s Audrey. Omodele where are  you?

          Dele quickly cuts the call.


                    Yeh! I’m in trouble! Mama Twins, wetin be your problem?

          Mrs Aganga’s call comes in again but Dele ignores it

                              MAMA TWINS

                    I will shout Ole for your head if you no let that girl go now


                    Oya! Let’s start going to your school, wear your clothes. (He trembles uncontrollably in a confusedly)


                    Uncle Dele are you no more helping me?


                    I say put on your clothes

                                                          THE END

Researchers recently took a look at the trend of increasing use
of sexually explicit lyrics in music. Their findings provide
food for thought for educators whose focus is to promote healthy
sexual development.
The amount of music that 8 to 18-year-olds listen to has
increased by 45 percent in recent years, rising dramatically
with the popularity of MP3 players, such as iPods. Previous
research has indicated that there is a strong link between
exposure to sexual media (on screen and in music) and sexual
activity. Teens tend to overestimate the sexual activity of
their peers and one source of this misperception is the
entertainment media.
The researchers analyzed the lyrics from the top 100 songs
in the Billboard Hot 100 year-end most popular songs every
decade from 1959 to 2009.They found that male and non-White
artists were more likely to write songs with sexual lyrics in
the past two decades and that there were more sexual references
overall in 2009 than in 1959.
The authors point out that degrading and sexualized music
can have a harmful effect on teens. For girls in particular,
this can lead them to judge their personal worth on a sexual
level only, leading to poor body image, depression, eating
disorders, and substance abuse.
Most song lyrics don’t discuss dangers of sexual activity,
such as unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
Instead, music often glorifies promiscuity and promotes gender
stereotypes. According to a study published by the journal
“Pediatrics” titled “Exposure to Degrading Versus Non degrading
Music Lyrics and Sexual Behavior Among Youth,” adolescents who
listen to degrading sexual lyrics are more likely to engage in
riskier sexualized behavior. Degrading lyrics tend to objectify
both sexes and portray men as sex-driven and women as sexual

Amy Morin, (2015). Can Music Be a Bad Influence on Kids & Teens?

Springer Science + Business Media Summary (2011). Do sexualized
lyrics in popular music have an impact on the sexual behavior
and attitudes of adolescents?

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