Passion, motivations and drivers

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Sara’s story

I believe that an individual’s passions are determined by personal experiences. Although my upbringing was not unique, I argue it was very unusual. My parents are travellers. I grew up in a caravan, travelling with my parents around Spain. Most of the time, I was either travelling or based at the local boarding school, where I was enrolled from the time I was four years old. At school, I learned about the importance of collectivism and teamwork. Sharing was not an option, it was a duty to maintain the status quo of our little society. I saw how being ‘social’ was not only about charitable behaviour, but about providing opportunities.

Generally speaking, fun fairs – where my family worked – can be a really peculiar type of employment. In our society, there is a tendency to exclude travellers or people who live on the margins, so we came to rely on each other. Brotherhood and innovation were essential to survive. I did not have to be taught values such as inclusion, equality and brotherhood – rather, I experienced them on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, acquiring these values through my childhood experiences triggered my passion for transforming society and encouraged me to be part of the social enterprise movement.

Motivation and passion are our driving forces. They’re what get people to start up social enterprises. What are your motivators? What are you passionate about? In the comments, share your story with others.


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