ARTLESS (Episode 2)


ARTLESS (Episode 2)

Written by: Ayokunle Olagoke

In an interview on MTV (2001) by Kurt Loder of MTV news with Eminem (15 times Grammy Award winner), also known by his real name as Marshall Mathers, Eminem talked about how he doesn’t want his daughter to listen to his songs anymore, because she is old enough now to understand what her daddy was saying.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average child listens to more than 2 1/2 hours of music daily


AUDREY (8 years) and ALFRED are each standing in front of their individual birthday cakes. AUDREY is dressed in her pink top and short skirt. A bit of her belly is out with a large part of her back also revealed. Aflred who is also eight is wearing a crazy jean with crocodile hair style. They are surrounded by their classmates.


Now the 2 celebrants are going to make their individual wishes, let’s start with you Audrey, come on sweetheart!


(moves closer to the cake so she can blow off all the candles easily)

My wish is to dance and shake my boobs in Davido’s music video one day

There is a mixed reaction in the room, many of the other kids give her a resounding applause while there are mixed feelings among the teachers. Alfred cuts in


But your boobs are flat, I’m sure Davido is not going to want you


Yes he will!


He won’t!

The moment aunty Ngozi spotted the unhealthy argument going on among the minors she quickly cuts in


It’s alright guys, now Audrey, can you make another wish?


What’s wrong with the wish I made? Are you also joining Alfred?

At that moment, the closing bell rings, Audrey grabs her school bag and dashes out of the room with tears in her eyes.


Audrey! Sweetheart, come here!

Her mother is already waiting for her in the car alongside the driver, she runs towards the parents’ car park and jumps inside the car with aunty Ngozi running to catch up with her

Oh baby na banga-banga, if you no give
me your body then I go jump for


Mummy, let’s leave


                 What’s going on? We can’t just leave. Dele, turn down the music volume… aunty Ngozi!


(just approaching the car, panting heavily)

Good afternoon ma…


They are still on their way home. Music playing at the background


Yepa! Afi ko pa mi o (unless you kill me), what I’m seeing is trouble, because of you I go hustle

What song is this, Dele? Did you just
download it?


Ah! aunty, this is “On top of me” by Fregene


I like the song o. You will give me on my phone

(She turns to Audrey who seems lost in thought)

Sweetheart, what are you thinking of?

Mrs Aganga’s phone rings


Hello dear… fine o… really? Hold on a second, let me give her the phone… (she puts the phone on hold) Audery, it’s Alfred’s mum, Alfred wants to speak with you


I’m not speaking with him


Come on darling, hear him out

(She reluctantly collects the phone)


Yea?… I’ve heard you… yes I’ve heard you but I still can’t be your girl for now. From what you did I don’t think you can take care of me… alright… what time on Saturday? I will tell my mum

She hangs up the phone


What did he say?


He said he’s sorry. He wants me to come for his birthday party on Saturday but I don’t want to


But why sweetheart?


Because I have flat boobs, I want a bigger one. They are going to call us out to dance and how will I shake my bombom and boobs when they are flat?


Sweetheart, don’t worry about that, I’m sure he won’t mind


He will. He told me he like it when it’s big


Ok, look at Tiwa Salvage, she has a moderate size and she’s doing fine. It’s because you are still a child

Audrey doesn’t look convinced. Her two arms are folded in discontentment


Ok! I will buy you something you will wear that will make it come out


You mean like a cloth? What about after the party, can I still wear it?


Sweetheart you will take it off after the party ok?


                    I want something permanent, (she mutters)


They are just getting home, Mrs Aganga steps out of the car, heads into the building while Audrey is busy packing their luggage out of the car. Dele confirms that Mrs Aganga has gone farther away then he starts a conversation with Audrey


Audrey, I can help you get a big boob, you won’t have to wear anything. It’s for big girls and I can teach you how to be a big girl then have boobs


                    Really? Like the one the girls have in Olamide’s video? (beaming with excitement)


Sure! Even bigger


Wow! When will you help me?


Firstly, you must never tell anybody about it


                    Okay (nodding incessantly) I promise. I won’t


Not even your mummy o


No, I won’t


Ok! this is what we will do, the party is this Saturday and today is Thursday so we have to be fast

Audrey is nodding in concurrence


So instead of taking you to school tomorrow morning, I will take you there.


I don’t get it


You know we drop your mummy first on our way… so after dropping your mummy, I will take you home


We will come back home?


Yes… no… the place, I mean the place where we will make you mature then you will have a big bombom after then but like I said, you must never tell anyone, not even your mummy, if you tell anyone what I want to do will not work, you hear?


I already promised and it’s not right to break promises



Where is the music you were playing yesterday? Please let’s play it again

Dele inserts the USB cord attached to the stereo into his mobile phone and increases the volume of the car stereo.


Your body na too hot, let me be caught putting it on you


Mum, I will be going for Alfred’s birthday (she is beaming with so much excitement)


Wow! That’s my baby, I’m so glad you changed your mind

Something is going to happen today,
something good which will make me
attend the party

Really? Tell me what it is

Dele quickly gave her a critical look from the center mirror,
his heart pants increasingly

It’s a secret for later

You know I can keep a secret so tell me

By now Dele appears restless on his seat, he stylishly turns up
the volume of the stereo

The last time I told you about my secret
swimming class, you said you were not
going to tell dad but you told him


Dele, please turn down the music. That’s
different, your dad has a great phobia
for swimming so I can’t hide something
like that from him, he won’t be happy.

Mom! let’s not talk about this again
please, I will tell you later

Alright! If you insist

Not long, they arrive at Mrs Aganga’s office, she gives Audrey a
tight hug and hurries into the building. Dele heaves a sigh of
relief as she works into the building
(looking back to have an eye
contact with Audrey)
And why were you running your mouth?

But I kept the promise, I didn’t tell
her the secret

But you almost did, the more you run
your mouth about our plan the more your
bombom will keep getting flat ok?

Ok… (looking unhappy) I’m sorry


They both arrive at Dele’s apartment, Mama Twins who is his
neighbour in the “face me I face you” building is seen washing
clothes outside, close to the well.

Dele, which one you dey? Who be this?

My sister’s daughter

She is staring at the prim and proper little girl and wondering
how Dele’s sister could have raised such a chubby daughter

Ehen? No be this girl follow your madam
come last time? (pointing her finger
at Audrey with curiosity)

Ehen? Wetin be your own Mama Twins? (he

Dele pulls Audrey by the hand tin the direction of his room hurriedly, brings out
his bunch of keys from his pocket, opens the door to the one
room apartment hurriedly. He puts on his sound player, presses the play button

Uhh… oh baby… roll, roll, roll your
Ehen! Now, lie on the bed and take off your

He starts to take off his own too. Mama Twins walks quietly
towards Dele’s window to peep through. Her eyes rolls to and fro
the room in search of the activities going on till she sights Audrey

Ok uncle Dele

          At this point, Dele’s phone rings, he walks away from the bed towards the table to answer the call

Yes ma… It’s traffic I will soon be

I’ve taken off all my clothes, uncle Dele


 (hitting Dele’s door hard) Dele! Open this door and let the poor girl go o, Dele!

                             MRS AGANGA (ON PHONE)

                    (over hears Audrey’s voice at the background alongside Mama Twins’ loud voice from the window)

                    That’s Audrey. Omodele where are  you?

          Dele quickly cuts the call.


                    Yeh! I’m in trouble! Mama Twins, wetin be your problem?

          Mrs Aganga’s call comes in again but Dele ignores it

                              MAMA TWINS

                    I will shout Ole for your head if you no let that girl go now


                    Oya! Let’s start going to your school, wear your clothes. (He trembles uncontrollably in a confusedly)


                    Uncle Dele are you no more helping me?


                    I say put on your clothes

                                                          THE END

Researchers recently took a look at the trend of increasing use
of sexually explicit lyrics in music. Their findings provide
food for thought for educators whose focus is to promote healthy
sexual development.
The amount of music that 8 to 18-year-olds listen to has
increased by 45 percent in recent years, rising dramatically
with the popularity of MP3 players, such as iPods. Previous
research has indicated that there is a strong link between
exposure to sexual media (on screen and in music) and sexual
activity. Teens tend to overestimate the sexual activity of
their peers and one source of this misperception is the
entertainment media.
The researchers analyzed the lyrics from the top 100 songs
in the Billboard Hot 100 year-end most popular songs every
decade from 1959 to 2009.They found that male and non-White
artists were more likely to write songs with sexual lyrics in
the past two decades and that there were more sexual references
overall in 2009 than in 1959.
The authors point out that degrading and sexualized music
can have a harmful effect on teens. For girls in particular,
this can lead them to judge their personal worth on a sexual
level only, leading to poor body image, depression, eating
disorders, and substance abuse.
Most song lyrics don’t discuss dangers of sexual activity,
such as unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
Instead, music often glorifies promiscuity and promotes gender
stereotypes. According to a study published by the journal
“Pediatrics” titled “Exposure to Degrading Versus Non degrading
Music Lyrics and Sexual Behavior Among Youth,” adolescents who
listen to degrading sexual lyrics are more likely to engage in
riskier sexualized behavior. Degrading lyrics tend to objectify
both sexes and portray men as sex-driven and women as sexual

Amy Morin, (2015). Can Music Be a Bad Influence on Kids & Teens?

Springer Science + Business Media Summary (2011). Do sexualized
lyrics in popular music have an impact on the sexual behavior
and attitudes of adolescents?

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52 Comments on “ARTLESS (Episode 2)”

  1. […] it is glad to announce that one of her scripts initially titled “Artless 2” is now out. Produced by Daniel Ehimen of PI […]


  2. Omotola says:

    To say we are living in a dangerous time is to repeat an already known fact. Scripture says a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things. May God help us and our seeds to shine as light in this perverse generation.

    We are to train up a child in the way he should go…indulging young ones by ‘trying to flow with the current’ ‘feel among’ or letting the child ‘enjoy his/her generation’ because their time is different from our days is a very common mistake going on nowadays. The ancient path remains the path of righteousness & peace.
    Thanks for this engaging story line! I was practically seeing a movie as I read through. More grace & greater expansion Ayo! May the good Lord continue to give your works a voice for this generation.


  3. Hero says:

    Artless!!!! All what we are experiencing at this moment is what i termed “Generational Problem”. It is not what started now or few months ago but a very long time ago. Foods don’t just got rotten in a day but gradually. However, adequate preservative techniques can help sustain the freshness.

    PROBLEM : I remember vividly how we allow for civilization to take away our heritage music into extinction. We decided to start celebrating foreign musics (C. Dion, shaggy, snoop Dog etc) in place of our indigenous musics (Orlando owoh, Ebenezer Obey etc). Thus, in an attempt to meet up with the standard, our upcoming artistes raised their tempo to bring in the foreign culture into our own local music until the excesses escalated to unbearable limit. Now, our children are faced with musics showcasing nudity, use of foul/unacceptable words etc.

    My question to everyone is thus: What will be the fate of the unborn generation if this rottenness continue?

    POSSIBLE SOLUTION: We can preserve our fresh/innocent children if and only if we desire and get ‘Knowledge and Understanding’.

    Scripit/Ayokunle Olagoke should continue to sensitize us and not relent until the right thing is done.

    Media censorship board must be strict, harsh and up-to-date with their duties and responsibility.

    Parents/ Guidance need to understand the meaning of the various media censorship signs/symbols.

    Media houses should endeavour to make use of this censorship rights when broadcasting to the public.





  4. Tosin says:

    This is a very nice piece, Ayokunle thumbs up. Frankly speaking, this is not just a write up but an eye-opener to all parents and intending parents. The onus of responsibility lies on us. Parents need to b more sensitive, proactive and vigilant about their kids including d atmosphere surrounding them and d environment they are in. We need to create meaningful ample time for our kids, teach them d words of God and not just to tell them “don’t listen to ds kind of music”, in quote “Secular music” but it shld likewise b backed up with reasons why they shouldn’t ‘cos children most especially teens are mostly inquisitive. May God in his infinite mercies help us all and our generation, including up- coming ones. Sis well – done


  5. Tosin says:

    This is a very nice piece, Ayokunle thumbs up. Frankly speaking, this is not just a write up but an eye-opener to all parents and intending parents. The onus of responsibility lies on us. Parents need to b more sensitive, proactive and vigilant about their kids including d atmosphere surrounding them and d environment they are in. We need to create meaningful ample time for our kids, teach them d words of God and not just to tell them “don’t listen to ds kind of music” in quote “Secular music” but it shld likewise b backed up with reasons why they shouldn’t ‘cos children most especially teens are mostly inquisitive. May God in his infinite mercies help us all and our generation, including up- coming ones. Sis well – done


  6. Ige Damilola Michael says:

    Nice one Ayokunle. The write-up calls for everyone to watch our activities and actions at all times, especially the kind of music we listen to and play, because we don’t know which child is around the corner watching us. We will continue to pray for a sane world.


  7. Just hoping he won’t have his way like the previous story as if it’s not a fiction and as if many others have not truly had their way. However, I’m encouraged in the fact that with more stories like this and films to show, we would help to prevent more. Well done Ayo.


  8. Wuraola Dasylva says:

    This is very well-written. I found my heart beating faster for fear of what may happen to the poor girl. Sadly, this is not just a story, it’s the reality of some people who have been sexually abused when they were younger. Lyrics have such a powerful impact on our minds, kids and adults alike are at risk of the gross negative impact these lyrics can have on our minds, and consequently our lives.
    Again, this is so apt and well-written. I hope lot of people get to read it.


  9. Opeyemi says:

    What will an “ignorant/uninformed/empty” youth of today teach the younger generation/children of tomorrow ???
    We must LEARN positive things for our children
    (which doesn’t necessarily have to be biological) & show it by example.
    Another great piece from Ayokunle!
    God bless you


  10. Rita O. says:

    Interesting piece. Quite enlightening! May God save us.


  11. Nicely delivered Kunle. It is amazing how many children and teenagers have been robbed off their innocence by the supposed Uncle X and Aunty Y. Yes boys are also exposed to unconsented sex. We need to censor what songs and movies our children and wards are exposed to. May God help us all. And may God give us the confidence to educate them about sex and sex related issues. Amen.


  12. Funke Awojide says:

    Everyone loves music especially kids.They need to exposed to the right kind of music and media.If an 8yrs old is already dreaming of dancing in Davidos video then something has absolutely gone wrong! Its everywhere. I remember getting to my sons school some months ago and they were a song for them,I cant remember what song it is but I immediately expressed my displeasure and told them we dont encourage that kind of song for my child. We all need to be on the alert and help our kids listen and watch the right things!Thank you Ayokunle,you are a voice to be heard.This story makes sense gan and hits home for me!


  13. Awobeku Oladapo says:

    Hmm.. May God help us.. There z work to be done… And this media sector is Key!
    Thanks so much ma


  14. Ifeoluwa Ologundudu says:

    This is really beautiful, I like the way you were able to blend this fiction with reality coupled with facts from findings. God bless you richly Ma, and help to salvage this generation(Amen)…you are going places! I love you!!!


  15. Oluwasogo Michael says:

    Hmnn..This is a very sensitive issue being raised here. Music warms its way into our hearts even without our consent. More importantly,for children who are still in their formative years,they need to be shielded from the evil that the music industry is now replete with. Thanks for sharing this ma. You are engraced for more insights in Jesus name. Amen. I am delighted to know that this is going to the cinemas soon,as that means more people will be reached with this pertinent message.


  16. oluwatomi says:

    Music is a potent doorway to the heart of man and we are to guard our hearts with all diligence for it determines the course of our lives. I get to understand daily that parenting is a serious job that shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. I believe we need to explain to our children why such music is wrong for their hearts and pray that they fear God for that is when they will refuse to listen to them even when we are not with them. Unfortunately some so called believing parents listen to these music and see nothing wrong with them,I see now that such parents cannot correct anything…Lets look inwards o my people!


    • Ayokunle Olagoke says:

      Like you said, it’s hard for parents to teach children something that even they don’t do! when we as parents follow D’Banj up and down why should our kids not follow him?


  17. Aderonke Emoruwa says:

    “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”. The world is corrupt and immortality is seen as nothing. However parents should continually seek God’s help and guidance in bringing up our children. We cannot do it by our power but when we rely on Him we can do all things. Ayokunle thanks for this, the Lord will continue to bless and increase you in wisdom and knowledge.


  18. thanks for this. parents need to realize that sexual abuse is on the rise…..we should guard against our children been victims ’cause of ignorance


  19. Lola says:

    Great work! May God help us all, the major responsibility lies with parents. When parents understand that the children are gifts from God and should be protected & guided in the right path, then a lot of attention will be put into everything around the children; people, music etc. God bless you my dear for this piece


  20. Tunrayo says:

    This write up is entirely true. The mind of a child is fresh and receptive to all kinds of things. To underestimate a child to me is to misjudge that child. We the adults in their lives need to show good examples. Lets be mindful of the answers we give to their innocent questions. We need to rightly guide them and not shove them off in a bid to prevent them from pestering us.
    Well done Ayokunle!


    • Ayokunle Olagoke says:

      I like what you said about the adults showing them, not just telling them but showing them and they need not even be our biological kids before we live right before them


  21. Tunrayo says:

    This write up is entirely true. The mind of a child is still fresh and receptive to all kinds of things. Children learn fast esp this generation. To underestimate a child to me is to misjudge that child. We the adults in their lives need to show good examples. We also need to be careful in what answers we give to their innocent questions. Lets guide them rather than push them away or shut them up.
    Well done Ayokunkle!


  22. Tolulola says:

    I was just having a conversation with someone about how the lyrics and song videos of circular songs have gotten progressively worse like say from the 70s till now. Song artists have gotten bolder and bolder in the use of explicit language. Like other things that ail our world, there is no one simple solution to it. But I believe in the power of prayer and good parental direction. I had a praying mum, and believe me, it is the best defense any parent can do for their children. Of course she couldn’t go everywhere with us or control everything we watched or listened to, but I found that with her good role modelling and prayers, somehow God protected us from corruption. We have the power to speak life into existence, and as God directs us to do what He has placed on our hearts to do, e.g. like you writing to create awareness, or someone mentoring that neighbour’s daughter as God has been telling them to, etc., God will heal our land, one person at a time.


  23. opemipo onibokun says:

    once again you have peeled another bulb of onions and our eyes are wetty…

    We have a huge responsibility to kids( not just ours). When God gives us a word, we steward it with our lives…same wise, he gives us kids, it’s nothing short before Him and to us.

    We have an alarming rate of “wannabe kids” who follow the steps of their social media parents.

    Our responsibilities must include always re-minding (a daily occurrence) our kids of who they are – identity plays a major role .

    That doesn’t neglect our roles as parents and guardians .

    Thank you Sis for wetting our eyes 🙂


  24. hmmm… It’s really strange and disturbing.
    Back in the days one can listen to secular songs and even sing it in. churches to preach morals because those songs do that. But now even to hear them is a problem.

    When Jesus said we shouldn’t pray like the heathen. I wondered how they prayed.
    They chant. Chanting is repetition of words that make you blank out.

    Most of the recent songs are filled with chants or corrupt words that make one shift ones culture.
    And the people who get exposed more are children.
    1. The road to school
    2. children that knows the song
    3. End of the year parties et al.
    Unluckily, the system has made Children have access to these things online while the parent might never return home till 10pm when they’ll have little time for their children.
    May God help us.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  25. Olakunle says:

    I was just thinking about this subject this morning. You’ll be amazed at the lyrics and the explicit video musicals you see these days. Even Fela that was termed Abamieda and weed smooker was not this crazy inspire of his good lyrics. But reverse is the case now…..only such lyrics sell. Even my 13 year old cousin knows that the lyrics ain’t sensible anymore. I was surprised when he listened to old songs and he confirmed that those are much better than what we hear and see on TV these days.
    I believe a lot of work has to be done by the parents to reduce to menace. God will kuku help our generation and the one to come.


  26. Gabriel Faniyan says:

    This is good write and this is not just a story. We have met Audrey and Dele is in our neigbourhood. Ayokunle has rebranded the people that are popularly known as stars, culprits. While their fans would take her on, it is funny that the stars themselves would not – they agree wth her. Molestation of children has found a friend in lewd lyrics…all of us must be concerned.
    The lines of fiction and fact are fused again and this time, you won’t even find the fiction, maybe that is why its title is artless.


    • Ayokunle Olagoke says:

      We indeed need to re-evaluate our so called “stars” and be sure they are not thieves/murderers in disguise, stealing and killing our children’s innocence


  27. oyin says:

    I really wish this could be taken to the cinemas….it’s a must watch for every home…some parents has neglected their duties and responsibilities as parents, leaving their kids in the hands of maids,workers,teachers and relatives without double checking. Tho’ we need these pple in our lives but that doesn’t mean we should totally entrust dem with our children. The world is becoming something else. My mom gave me a gist of her childhood where boys and girls slept in same room even with two of her uncles,most of the time they sleep naked and nothing happened, they all lived fine…don’t even try it now cuz things have changed. The music industry sef isn’t helping matters. The rate @which kids memorize lyrics ehn, it’s scary dangerous but you can’t blame them cuz their brains has the capacity to grab things easily. We need to be on our toes and be active in their lives teaching them the right way to go. May God continue to bless and increase your wisdom. Nice one sis!!!!


  28. Olanrewaju Dada says:

    Baba! You’re so right with this. Someone puts it this way,
    “let me write the songs of a nation, I don’t care who writes its laws”.
    That’s the power of music; and even adults are not immune to this. Not to talk of teenagers. It really a sad story.
    I’m sure many parents will be shocked at all their seemingly innocent teenage children have done already (in terms of serial escapades); motivated by their media exposure, music being foremost.
    I have even discovered that a child’s unguided exposure to his parent’s public display of affection may be dangerous too; but that’s a story for another ‘Artless’.
    Indeed, it’s a chain of value dearth than breaks my heart.


  29. Omogbotemi Adesola says:

    Such a shame. We are at the mercy of the media on how much vile music and dirty lyrics have somehow found their way into our lives.

    Nigerians artistes are now being celebrated in spite of the rubbish nonsense records they release. Even if you don’t want to sing religious songs, must you churn out trash music that borders on irresponsibility?

    Sadly, our radio, TV and print media are the most guilty of all. There was a song a cab driver recently played by Lil Kesh and I could not but wonder how this guy could gain such following. Then I didn’t wonder for too long; the problem is the society has gone deeper and deeper into the abyss of moral decadence. Sad but true.

    Lil Kesh is just one, how about many of his type? I shouldn’t single him out because many of the so-called Nigerian artistes are like this. Sadly, that is the stereotype of a Naija musician we’ve come to witness in recent years.

    I remember when you wouldn’t dare turn up an explicit cut from R. Kelly. Worse music are now being celebrated even in a black nation where our cultural and moral values used to be key in raising a sane environment.

    Years ago, many citizens in diaspora would want to raise their children back home but now opposite is the case. Parents are not even trying enough. Many have left the responsibility of raising their children and wards in the hands of housemaids. Rape cases are on the increase. Teenage pregnancy ever on the rise. Child marriage is becoming more and more accepted. This is crazy!

    It takes but the wisdom of God and the determination of a spirit-filled parentage to imprint Godly living even in Christian homes. We need help. Parents need help. We all need help from God to protect our children – both the male and the female ones – because we can’t do it all by ourselves. It now goes beyond the physical. God help us all.

    And thank you Ayokunle for another wonderful piece. May God continue to increase you.


    • Ayokunle Olagoke says:

      You’ve written extensively! Children have sexual thoughts, they have fantasies too and they want to explore


      • Omogbotemi Adesola says:

        Can you believe it?! I’m at my daughter’s school’s Christmas party right now and the hired DJ is playing the same song I was complaining about. Same rubbish music being played at kids’ parties even though the school belongs to one of the major churches in the country. Hired DJs play worldly music and they don’t give a hoot what your beliefs are. They’re just doing their “business”.


      • Ayokunle Olagoke says:

        Their is just to make money, it’s because the school allowed them anyway


    • karis Atta says:

      Even I myself as an adult struggle in my mind when I hear some of these songs, they are provocative. I really advice parents to monitor what goes into the mind of their kids to a large extent and feed them with d right word since you don’t follow them to school and some other places. Its well with our kids. Amen


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