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Sara’s story

I believe that an individual’s passions are determined by personal experiences. Although my upbringing was not unique, I argue it was very unusual. My parents are travellers. I grew up in a caravan, travelling with my parents around Spain. Most of the time, I was either travelling or based at the local boarding school, where I was enrolled from the time I was four years old. At school, I learned about the importance of collectivism and teamwork. Sharing was not an option, it was a duty to maintain the status quo of our little society. I saw how being ‘social’ was not only about charitable behaviour, but about providing opportunities.

Generally speaking, fun fairs – where my family worked – can be a really peculiar type of employment. In our society, there is a tendency to exclude travellers or people who live on the margins, so we came to rely on each other. Brotherhood and innovation were essential to survive. I did not have to be taught values such as inclusion, equality and brotherhood – rather, I experienced them on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, acquiring these values through my childhood experiences triggered my passion for transforming society and encouraged me to be part of the social enterprise movement.

Motivation and passion are our driving forces. They’re what get people to start up social enterprises. What are your motivators? What are you passionate about? In the comments, share your story with others.


Thinking Posterity

The Lottery of Birth (Stage Drama)

Finally, we at Health Disseminate get to translate the script The Lottery of Birth on Script It into a stage drama. Kindly watch here


Written by Dr Weyinmi Erikowa



I am a very lazy person in terms of hard work, my mother can testify to that. However, what baffles her is my ability to act like a fierce force when emergencies happen. It was a cool evening and I was just listening to the radio, I don’t like the television for no justifiable reason. The radio presenter was discussing the dangers of teenage pregnancy in our region. I loved the topic, as I get to see young unmarried girls with ‘big belle’ every day.

As I was shaking my leg to the rhythm of the music as the show went on break, I was interrupted by one of my neighbours, she was approaching me and shouting, “Oga please help us oh. My daughter has gone into labour oh. Please, we beg you, help us get to the hospital”. Thankfully, I was dressed up in my khaki shorts and white shirt, I quickly wore my sandals, grabbed my wallet and car keys.

I arrived at the house of my neighbour and saw her 16 years old daughter sitting on the fall, holding her waist and crying out in pains. I have seen pregnant women and I still cannot comprehend their labour pains. So we helped her into the car and zoomed off to the hospital. While I drove, I kept my mind on how she is quite young to give birth to a child and the health impacts. Yes, I forgot to tell you, I am good at analysing situations; it creates solutions to the problems.

So in my curious state of mind, as we approached the hospital, I asked the mother of the pregnant girl, “Mama, your pikin attend antenatal?” She gave a negative response with the reason that her daughter was embarrassed about the whole thing and felt ashamed after attending a session once. “Ok! Ok! Mama, I see!” In my head, I was swearing and cursing but I don’t know who to blame- the mother, the girl or the society.

So we arrived at the hospital, we told the nurse on duty a young girl is in labour. She appeared shocked as she saw the young girl brought in. She quickly asked for antenatal records and any other relevant documents relating to the expectant mother. I quickly explained to her that, there was none. She just changed from a sweet nurse to angry mother; she was furious, she sighed and blamed us and made comments towards the young girl. It is common for us in our area to be judgemental so I didn’t bother confronting her.

No antenatal records meant we had to wait longer for us to be attended to. We have to follow ‘due process.’ I made sure we followed the process in patience and hoped as the hospital is a crazy place to be in and you have to be in good terms with the staff, else… So after an hour of registration and numerous forms signing and what I took to be a brief antenatal or pre-delivery check-up. The midwife walked up to us and asked who’s taking responsibility for the girl. I responded that I was here to support the elderly woman. We asked if there’s anything we needed to do regarding the safe delivery of the girl and her baby. The midwife told us to start praying as her pelvis is still immature to deliver a baby.  “Blood of Jesus!” exclaimed the mother of the pregnant girl! ”Mama! Mama! Please calm down! We need to get more explanation on the matter” I pacified her. The old woman just kept crying in the usual Nigerian way.

So while the wailing about the situation continued, I quickly called a few of my friends. Yes, I have a speed dial for emergencies. While I waited for my calls to yield some ‘fruits’, I went to meet the doctor quietly so the old woman won’t continue crying. “Madam Docki! Good evening Ma! I am sorry to bother you oh. Please, I just want to have a few clarification about the situation of the young girl who is said to have an immature pelvis. Please, Ma, try to break it down in simpler terms, so my Mama can understand”.  She looked at me and said “oya sit down let us talk. First of all, I am not too happy with the current situation. She is too young to give birth, her pelvis is too small as she hasn’t developed fully as a woman and lastly, we are to perform a Caesarean Section. How did she end up pregnant sef? Didn’t she receive home training? (She muttered to herself).  Is that clear enough?”  “Yes, Doctor! Thank you very much! Oh, Dr, how much are we talking about here? You know for the C-Section?” I questioned “Oh that’s not a lot of money, it’s just 300,000 Naira”, replied the Doctor.

“300K for wetin na?” I lamented. All the same, I thanked her and headed out. I smiled as I already sourced for funds with the calls I made. My friends had arrived and all I did was explain the situation and collected the money. And I tried to bind and cast the judgemental spirit that was forcing itself upon them to make awful comments. I thanked them because we don’t get such Father Christmas gifts as quickly as this.

So I went to meet the nurse on duty and told her we are ready for the procedure as we have the money. She was just grumbling about how this money wants to be wasted on a silly girl who didn’t know her left from her right. Oh well, I don’t blame anyone for making the angry comments towards the teenage girl. I believe everyone is accountable for his or her actions; my only exception will be a rape case in this situation. So I pleaded with the nurse, that we get things done as quickly as possible, in my mind, I was preparing the questions I had for the girl and her mother after this whole wahala subsides.  Come to think of it! We had spent 6 hours at the hospital already. Oh yes! You are curious about how I have that kind of time for people? Well…..I am a Nigerian with a twist. My life revolves around people and finding solutions to problems.

After two hours of waiting, the young girl was wheeled into the theatre, while I listened to the numerous prayer requests family and friends were releasing into the atmosphere. Gosh! I can be very sarcastic especially when I am on my worst behaviour. When the sex was sweet and things were rosy, they weren’t thinking of the future prayers of today. I reclined on the long chair at the edge of a window and gave in to my thoughts. Where is the young man that is responsible for this pregnancy? How could they have sex without protection? Who will be responsible for the newborn? What happens to the girl’s education? Are we giving enough sex education to our young ones? How did we get to this situation, were our eyes blindfolded?

I felt a hand touch me, I quickly realised I was still at the hospital. The doctor was still dressed in her green scrubs but without her gloves or mask. “Please, we need your help if you can. It is a matter of life and death. The young girl is bleeding severely and we are trying our best to stop further bleeding. She has lost a lot of blood and would need a blood transfusion as quickly as possible” she said. “Ok doctor”, I replied. “Doctor, please what about the baby?” “Oh! She had a baby girl but she’s under supervision for now, as we are trying to keep the mother alive” the doctor answered hurriedly.

I sighed! “Lord let this not be a bad day for us, I pray”. I quickly went to the nursing station and asked for the location of the Blood Bank. One of the nurses gave me the direction to the Bank, however as I moved away from their station, they called me back. ‘’Oga, you sure say you want make that girl survive?’’  They asked me. I looked at them like strange beings, wondering why they asked such question. As if they read my thoughts, they told me to go and try my ‘’luck’’. I was furious about their attitude towards critical issues, but I don’t blame them.

So I found the Blood Bank, I asked for blood as the young girl has type O, the attendant told me, there was no blood available. “Oga sir, no vex oh! Blood no dey. I fit direct you go one place inside town” the attendant replied. I played cool for the few minutes and asked if I could donate blood for the girl as I was a type O. “Oga, me I no fit do all that procedure for now. My chief no dey duty now, you know say night duty get as e be” he replied me. In my mind, I felt like using koboko to flog the young man. Arrant nonsense!

“Okay, no vex as you no sabi anything now. Where I fit buy blood now now?” I asked him. He gave me an address, which was not too far from the hospital. I drove down there and asked for blood. It took an hour to get type O blood after so many explanations and protocols. I headed to the hospital, gave one of the nurses the blood and she replied,” hope this blood no get kwanta oh?” The atmosphere was tensed, the old woman was sobbing quietly and it felt like death hovered around us. We kept our prayers to ourselves as we lacked the strength to pray openly, God saw our hearts, and I guess the angels wept with us as well.

The dangers that lie with teenage pregnancy was all I thought about as we waited for news. Who sent this girl to have sex at a tender age? After all, this suffer, she will enter the streets again to continue her bad behaviour? What will be the fate of the baby girl? Another life without supervision or a lesson will be learnt?

I heard the Mama call my name, “Doctor said we should come inside”. I followed her down the hall and got to the ward the young girl was admitted in.  She was awake but too weak to say anything. Mama beamed with joy.  I was welcomed back to reality with a fantastic Itsekiri song….trust me, the old lady was dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I guess she forgot all her worries for the time being. I beamed with joy but my mind was filled with questions, no one seems to know the answers.

As I stared at the little baby, I asked within me, “will your mother learn her lessons and care to share her experience?” Teenage pregnancy doesn’t pay. The pathway to motherhood is not for the unprepared.

*                                  *                                  *                                  *                                *                                  *

‘Palava you dey find’ sang Fela!

I enjoy listening to Fela’s songs because they are meaningful. While I was seriously nodding to the tunes from my phone, someone called my name. I turned to see who that amazing person could be. Jisos e! It was the child and her baby, the teenage girl who gave birth a few months ago. “Doh oh” I greeted her while I looked at her carefully. She had tired eyes, a crying baby and dirty clothes on her.

How are you doing? I asked her. She adjusted her wrapper and said she was fine but not too well. “I am just managing myself”, she replied. “I haven’t eaten well in the last three days. Since I cannot go to school, and everyone in my house is always busy; I am helping my mother sell at the market. It is not easy at all. The baby is always crying and I have to breastfeed her all the time. My mother keeps yelling at me. I get frustrated with the whole thing; sometimes I just sit down and start crying. Please, I am begging you; can you help me with some food or money to buy some food for myself?” She asked.  “Eyah! Kpele! Doh!” I sympathised with her. “You see my young friend, what is happening to you now is called life. You hear me so?  Life happens when you don’t prepare for it. I have some food to give you, but it is not only the food to eat I have got. You need to eat the food of knowledge and understanding, so you can have value for yourself and what pertains to your life.”

I beckoned her to come sit with me as the baby had stopped crying.  I went inside the house and brought a bowl of rice, stew and fried plantain; I served her and she ate voraciously like a very hungry lioness. I shook my head in sorrow, “poor child, how did you get yourself into this mess?” I thought to myself. After she ate, I served her a chilled Zobo Drink. As she drank with great delight, I started with the food of questions and answers. Yes na! Nothing is for free, even animals know that. “Where is the father of this child?” She almost fell off her chair. “Why are you scared? Where is the father of the child?” I probed. She bowed her head as she cuddled her baby. “He is at home inside this our village. He is the son of well-known petty trader”. She replied. “Eh-en! You mean he is as young as you are and you decided to play love play?” (My sarcastic behaviour was playing out) I was already getting somewhat angry. “Hmm! He said he loved me and that nothing would happen to me” she quickly added as she saw the look on my face. “My friends were doing it with their boyfriends; I didn’t want to be left out; so I did it out of love and to avoid my friends from laughing at me”. “Chai! You say?” I exclaimed in a soft voice so I don’t scare her. “My dear, who is laughing at you now? Where is the love now? Why would you think your boyfriend loved you so much? And why did you trust your friends? Did you have a class on sex education? Or at least your mother telling you about the dangers of early sex and pregnancy or STDs if you are not married?”

She started crying softly. “Sex was taught during our Biology class, we joked about it. We really didn’t know about the consequences of pre-marital sex. My parents are more concerned about their own activities and they felt I was just a ‘small girl’. I didn’t let anyone at home know I had a boyfriend. He gave me gifts and I hid them or used them only when I was in school. Besides he said, nothing will happen even if he didn’t wear a condom.” “You are so naïve. So how did you know you were pregnant?” I asked her. She gave out a soft laugh, “I didn’t. It was my mother who detected I was pregnant. I wasn’t conscious about my menstrual cycle, so didn’t care too much when I missed my period” “Interesting! What about the Biology class on Menstruation?” I queried. “Oh! That was one difficult class I didn’t understand and there was no one to explain to me properly. So my mother was just shouting ‘you are pregnant, you this girl! You have killed me!’I ran to my friends, but they kept laughing and advised I do an abortion. I was too scared, so I went to meet my boyfriend. He yelled at me and almost had me beaten up. He said he wasn’t responsible for the pregnancy and I should never visit his house again. I felt like dying but I had to summon the courage to live with my actions.” “How does it feel to be a teenage mother?” I asked her “It is not a thing to take pride in. It is very difficult to start life again except you have people to encourage you and it is not advisable to have a baby as a teenage girl. Now I have learnt my lesson, I wish others will learn from me.” She answered soberly. “Now you have eaten the food of the elders,” I said smiling at her.

                                       THE END

In Nigeria, teenage pregnancy was being predicted to soar over 60 million by 2015 according to National Population Commission (NPC). One out of ten teenage girls in the south is likely to get pregnant. Related to this are pregnancy complications, unsafe abortion, poor antenatal care and curtailment of education attainment. We all have roles to play, every sister, brother, mother, aunty, uncle, father, mother can educate a child. Do your part, begin by sharing this story.

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Script it is glad to announce that one of her scripts initially titled “Artless 2” is now out. Produced by Daniel Ehimen of PI Image.

Title: D-Wish

Producer and Director: Daniel Ehimen

Script Writer: Ayokunle Olagoke

Film length: 13 minutes

Language: English

Released date: May 27, 2016

Synopsis: AUDREY is an 8-years old girl who is constantly exposed to unhealthy music lyrics and videos. She is overwhelmed by what she sees and hears in the music videos. On her 8th year birthday, she makes a wish to dance and shake her body in Davido’s music video but she is bothered that her body is not fully developed to generate attention.
Out of desperation to have a more mature body, she takes counsel from DELE who is their family driver. He sees it as an opportunity to take advantage of her so volunteers to help her get a bigger body that will command attention.
The outcome of Dele’s intervention leaves a deep message at the heart of both Audrey’s parents and Audrey herself

Download/Watch and SHARE the full film here:


Mr Nigeria launches surprising campaign against domestic violence

Written by: Ayokunle Olagoke

8:45p.m; April 29, 2016


The neighbors gather outside, downstairs, in a mournful state. Health officials step out of the ambulance to carry the victim, Mimi (33), on a stretcher. Her body is covered with a white cloth. Two kids are noticeable as Sean (8), the elder screams uncontrollably. At the sight of the victim, he suddenly embraces Paul (4), the younger child. He covers Paul’s face to prevent him from seeing the victim. The policemen are on the scene, they walk down hastily from upstairs with Tamono (38) handcuffed; an innocently looking young man. They seal up the crime scene with a tape, observing it critically with their bright light. The detective wearing gloves, picks up a broken tooth, after further search, he picks up broken pieces of glass as well. The women at the scene embrace the two children and take them to one of the apartments downstairs.

8:02p.m; April 29, 2016


The compound is lively. Some adults are downstairs in their singlets and boxers, some with wrappers. The only apartment with light is the one upstairs, the other apartments have lesser light sources. Suddenly, a huge sound is heard. A female body drops from the two-story building upstairs to the ground with a knife dropping from her hand as she falls.

7:28p.m; April 29, 2016


Mimi is in front of the mirror, her face made up. She moves closer to the mirror to access the bruises on her face and hand. Tamono walks in carrying her bag for her. He appears remorseful. He stands behind her, she can see him from the mirror in front of her


Bae… you’re still not saying anything.

I think we need to change that hospital,

let’s get a new place, I don’t like the

way they stare at us whenever we go

there, the nurses look mischievous

Mimi shakes her head as tears roll down her face. Tamono quickly goes down on his knees, grabs her two hands


Bae… don’t cry again, please. Look, I

am deeply sorry, I don’t know how it

happens but trust me I am seriously

working on it, believe me when I say I

love you deeply


No Tamono, (Sniffs as her tears flow

down faster) I don’t think we need to

change the hospital.


What do you suggest then Bae?


I suggest you go see a therapist who

will take you through how to express

your anger in a healthy way, how to quit

beating your wife… Sean’s teacher

called me, she says Sean has been

sleeping in class all week, when he was

asked; guess what he told his teacher,

the boy is smart, he told the teacher he

doesn’t get to sleep at night. No, this

is our fault, we are responsible…

Tamono gets up on his knees at this point


Hold it! Look I am not a kid, I have 9

years experience as a lawyer (points his

finger at her face in anger) when people

say it is our fault, what they mean is

that it is your fault and it is not my

fault! okay? I will not take that!

By now, Mimi gets on her feet


Tamono, this week has been hell for me.

I am getting tired Tamono, I am getting

tired! Look at my body, look at the

bruises… Tamono see my face, who put

them there?

Tamono moves closer to her face, raising his voice


You put them there! You put them there

the day you decided to marry me




Yes! Did I pretend to you? I showed you

my real self before I married you. This

has been happening before we got

married. Tell me I had not raised my

hands against you before I married you

here. We make choices, you made a choice

to live with me and to the best of my

knowledge I am working on the damn anger

thing! Who the hell has nothing they are

working on anyway?


Tamono, you are a shameless beast! You

bastard have the effrontery to say such

gibberish! Is it until you kill me? You

of all people should have an idea of

what human right means

He gives her a heavy slap with the back of his hand


I will teach you how to talk

respectfully to your husband

She makes her way to the sitting room, Tamono runs after her, she manages to lock the passage door to prevent him from getting to her before proceeding to the sitting room where the children are watching the TV


Sean! (Panting heavily) take your

brother to the room now! Go!

Sean is looking confused. He carries the younger brother who looks unaware of what is happening


Make sure you don’t come out until I ask you to

Suddenly, they hear a loud noise like the door has been forcefully opened. Tamono bursts into the sitting room sweating


You know you are dead right?

He approaches her in the presence of the children and punches her. She struggles to free herself. Sean covers his brother’s face


Take your brother in! Go in! We will be


Tamono continues to hit her


Even if you make more money than I do,

that still doesn’t mean I am not your



Tamono you are hurting me!

She finally breaks out, sights a knife on the dining table, makes her way there, picks the knife to defend herself.


That’s right! yes, come on now, come and

stab your husband

He moves closer to her as she walks back gradually towards the corridor outside the sitting room which is partially covered by a cracked glass


Don’t come near me Tamono, don’t make me

do this


I want you to do it, I want your news to

be on the dailies- the woman with two

kids who murders her husband with a


He approaches her speedily, struggles to take the knife from her, by now Sean is behind him with a big encyclopedia, he hits it on his father from behind. Tamono looks back and pushes him away. Mimi loses a tight grip on the knife at the sight of Sean stumbling. Tamono takes advantage of the moment, in an attempt to pull Mimi closer and snatch the knife off her hand, he pulls her too hard, her head hits the cracked glass at the corridor and she falls from the two story building to the ground floor with the knife falling alongside with her downstairs. Tamono is shocked to his bones, he finds it hard to believe his eyes. As she hits the ground with her mouth open, one of her tooth falls off


Thank you for reading.

This is a dissemination of the research work of Yusuf O.B, Arulogun O.S, and Oladepo. O, the full work can be downloaded here:

Examples of organizations that attempt to provide support for victims of domestic violencein Nigeria are:

Project Alert on Violence Against Women

Mirabel Center, Lagos

Women Action Organization

Women’s Centre for Peace and Development

Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative


THE LOTTERY OF BIRTH (The science of prediction)


Original story by Opeyemi Emoruwa

Written by Ayokunle Olagoke

Gboyega (35) is sitting on the brown cushion chair, rubs his palm nervously continuously on the handle of the chair, he has a white envelope in his other hand. Titilade (33) walks in on phone.


It’s in one week and the beads are not ready? Listen, by now, I…

Another call comes in, she checks the caller 

Let me answer this call… hello sir, yes sir, we have the tests results now sir, yes sir… we will bring them this evening sir… amen sir…

She bends down to hug Gboyega. He manages to smile

Are you okay? Why did you insist on coming to tell me face to face?

He hands over the white envelope to her. She opens it hurriedly and glances through.

Hmmm! We need to decide on how to inform pastor… I know he might want to… to… but we will tell him we have faith

Gboyega is looking down, he shakes his head in disagreement

Hmmm… well… I’m not sure I…

He sighs deeply. Titilade looks confused
(stammering), I’ve… em… I’ve seen my neighbor lose two out of three kids to sickle cell…
But that is not our portion Gboye, that is why we are Christians, we will believe God for a miracle

Gboyega appears restless, shakes his head
I take responsibility for my fault… I should have done this test way back
Look, that does not matter now, wedding is in a week, we have spent money, told people… I’m thirty-three. The only way for us on this issue is forward. Gboye talk to me!
Gboyega’s eyes are misty. He slides two palms down his face
Ah… God, the doctor I met said he will like to meet with both of us
What for? To advise us not to proceed? Look, Gboye you are even pissing me off the way you are handling this
She gets up angrily, walks into her room and slams the door.

Dr. Fred (56) sits opposite the couples.
I won’t take much of your time. I know how hard this moment is

Titilade shakes her head in disagreement and cuts in
I believe in miracles, as for me, I serve a living God who can do anything… I am resolute
That’s okay… I will like us to do a simple exercise okay? Have you decided on how many kids you will like to have?
Three, 2 boys, 1 girl

He brings out a white sheet of paper, writes on it “AS AS” crosses them to produce: AA, AS, AS, SS.

copyright Bansal and Warhdha

Now take a look, what this means is, for each pregnancy you have, there is 25% chance of the child being an AA, 50% chance of that same child being an AS and 25% chance of that same child being an SS. So the child can be any of these. Do you understand?

They both nod their heads

So, I will wrap these four likelihoods into individual papers.

He writes AA in a paper, he writes AS in another paper, AS again in another paper and SS in another paper. He wraps and shuffles them.
Now let us assume you are about to have your first child, these paper represent the likely genotypes, pick one.

Gboyeba reaches out, picks one, opens it and finds AS written on it.
Okay. So let’s say that is the first child. Now you are about to have your second child, pick again
I think she should pick, she is more saint than I am

Titilade stretches her hand, picks, it’s an SS paper. She sighs as she sees it
Okay. So that is the second child.

Dr. Fred wraps them all again, shuffles and stretches towards Titilade. She pauses for some seconds, stares deeply at the papers. She reaches out and picks; opens it and its SS. She sighs deeply
                                                                                                                                                                  2 MONTHS LATER
Titilade is pooing, her phone beeps.

We usually don’t accept them back but you have a genuine reason.


Around four million Nigerians are estimated to suffer from sickle cell disease, while 25 million others carry the genes which they pass to their offspring.

From available statistics, 100,000 infants die from sickle-cell disease in Nigeria annually

Based on World Health Organization [WHO] indices, Nigeria accounts for 75 percent of infant sickle-cell cases in Africa and almost 80 percent of infant deaths from the disease in the continent

Recommendation: Do you know someone with sickle cell? Check out Crimson Brown, her stories will inspire YOU

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Written by: Folayemi Emoruwa

our animal community.

How our kids can save our environment

Narrator: story-story!

Reader: story!

Narrator: Once upon a time!

Reader: time-time

Narrator: There was a kingdom known as the animal community. Three families were first to move into the community. The first set was Mr. Lion, Mrs. Lion and their little baby- Cuby,


The Lion and his family

the second, grandpa elephant, his 3 children, their spouses along with 7 grandchildren, the third, Mr. and Mrs. Pigeon. The animal community was very beautiful with lush green forests and trees; it had two very big rivers- River Blue and River Clean. They decided to have River Blue as the recreation river where they held picnics around the river shorelines and have fun with their families on Saturdays and Sundays.


River Blue

Mrs. Pigeon was the English teacher who taught the community children Mondays through Fridays. Mr. Lion was elected as the community leader, grandpa Elephant was his assistant and they both made every decision for the community. The community had a very good organization, the environment was very clean and peaceful, everyone was healthy as all the foods they ate were natural.

One fateful day, Mr. Tortoise walked into the office of Mr. Lion who was not expecting any visitor. He was surprised and curious at what could have brought the Tortoise into the community and immediately they got into the serious business of his visit.

“My family and I will love to relocate to the animal community, we have seen the peace and stability you enjoy and we want our children to grow up in such a community” the Tortoise said. “My first son loves to swim, we all call him water turtle while his three younger ones are into series of sports”, he said proudly. “You must be very proud of them,” replied Mr. Lion so his visitor wouldn’t see him as being unconcerned. The Tortoise also hinted that some other families were interested in relocating to the animal community but feared that the Lion might not approve being the community head. “I was chosen for the task” he simply stated.

All this while, the Lion listened patiently without interrupting him. When he had ended, Mr. Lion asked him to come back for a reply after a month as he needed to consult other community members. After the tortoise left, Mr. Lion gave it some serious thought considering the fact that allowing others to migrate into their community implies more population. “The tortoise said he has four children, a family of 6,” he thought aloud. The increase in waste production would imply an increase in consumption too. The serenity they experience in the animal community would be disturbed either. With a heavy heart, he locked the door to his office and headed home to assist Mrs. Lion in preparing for Cuby’s one-year birthday party. Since the other families were invited, they had decided the party would be an outdoor one as the Elephants’ were too big to come into their living room. All through the preparation, the lion kept asking himself if this was going to be the last beautiful birthday they would have with the families present. The following day was picnic day so he would have to raise the issue and ask everyone to give their opinions.

The following day, at the picnic ground, while the children were swimming, the adults gathered together, the lion narrated the entire incidence while they also kept a keen eye on the children. For a few minutes, no one offered to speak as Mr. Lion had carefully laid the good and bad sides of things to them. Alas, Mr. Pigeon spoke up, “well, for me I think I like the idea of a bigger community, we will be able to have more people we can communicate with,” he stated. Mr. Pigeon also noted that urbanization would be brought into the animal community. Grand pa Elephant spoke up next, “more people will mean our forest trees will soon be gone and used as firewood to cook; smokes will be released from the firewood and the health of our children and even adults especially a 65-year-old man like me is threatened,” he said with great concern. Grand pa Elephant also said that resources such as water will be used up rapidly and they may not have picnic time again as rivers Blue and Clean would be dried up or polluted since an increase in water consumption will arise. He also buttressed the point of Mr. Pigeon that modernization, new houses, new industries will have to be put up to improve the way they live now which is a good thing too. “No one has said anything about sanitation and waste generation,” Mrs. Lion noted and her husband nodded for her to speak.

The Meeting

The Meeting

“More wastes will be generated, how do we take care of that? Because an increase in population equals to increase in consumption and wastes generation,” she said. They discussed for the next hour and a half and eventually came to the conclusion that ten new families should be allowed into the animal community. However, they would need to come up with rules and regulations that everyone must abide by, particularly in the aspect of pollution (air, noise, and water), deforestation and waste management as they wanted their environment to remain beautiful and clean.

Three months after the ten families were allowed into the animal community, things suddenly seemed not to work perfectly anymore. Mr. Tortoise had the habit of increasing the volume of his television and sound systems which was generating noise pollution. His neighbors had made complaints about how they couldn’t take a nap in the afternoon because of the noise from the Tortoise’s house but he refused to change. Waste bins were at so many strategic places in the community yet biscuit wraps, plastics, drinking cans and unused legos and toys were often found on the street. The first families had to cancel their weekend picnics after a long while as the River Blue was now running dry and River Clean was now polluted as the new juice factory releases their wastewater into River Clean.

The tortoise polluting the water

The tortoise polluting the water


  • Kindly share this story with a kid you know
  • Make a decision not to drop wastes on the floor anymore
  • Gently correct anyone who pollutes the environment
  • Educate others on importance of keeping the environment healthy


  1. Who was the community’s leader?
  2. What birthday year did Cuby celebrate?
  3. Who visited Mr. Lion surprisingly in the office and what was the reason for the visit?
  4. Mention the names of the two rivers in the animal world
  5. Why did the first families cancel their picnic to the river?
  6. Why do we need to keep the animal world clean?

About the author: Folayemi Emoruwa is an environmental scientist who is very passionate about environmental safety. You can contact her on


Written by: Ayokunle Olagoke



Hosanna (17) is looking weak on the hospital bed where she is seated. She has bruises on her forehead, lips and part of her hand that is exposed. She is dressed in a hospital gown. Beside her are the doctor and another woman.

I was asked if you will like to press charges

Hosanna shakes her head in disapproval but says nothing

I must really commend you for taking the right step. The ideal thing is that victims should be present at a government hospital immediately after the incidence because only a government hospital’s report is admissible in court. Also, victims should be given Post Exposure Prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection, this should be taken within 48 hours and emergency contraceptive should be given to prevent pregnancy from occurring, it is available at every government hospital.

Hosanna is still in shock, she is mute, staring at the doctor’s shoulder

This is Barr Ohakwe, we call her Mama Justice… her NGO partners with us in assisting with emotional support, counseling and helping you get justice, I will…

Suddenly, they hear a loud cry at the corridor. A loud sound of a woman wailing

Olorun ti mo un sin loju mejeeji (the God I serve fervently)! It is not my portion, Labake mi o ni ku (my dear Labake, will not die), Yeh!

I will be back. Please, excuse me

Dr. Esiri leaves the room hastily. She opens the door hurriedly and closes it again. Hosanna looks through the window to catch a glimpse of what is happening

A young lady is being wheeled on the stretcher with the wailing woman running after her alongside some nurses

Mama Justice moves her chair closer to Hosanna with a simple smile

Again I ask, will you like to press charges?

Hosanna shakes her head rapidly in disapproval, her eyes getting misty


By now, tears are flowing down her eyes

Whatever the decision you make, I will surely respect it but, can I know why?

I’m not sure if it was a rape… I don’t know if I can call it a rape… I think I caused it to happen

Do you mind telling me the full story?


Hosanna, dressed in touches of red is constantly wiping the sweat off her face with her face towel and off her sweaty palms. Knocks at the door but there is no response. After a while, Jimi walks towards the door reluctantly to open. She gives him a hug but he expresses reluctance

Happy Val

She is beaming with joy but Jimi seems unwelcoming

You are not dressed? Are we not going out again? You said we were going to see a movie or have you forgotten? I have been calling you to remind you, you were not picking my calls


You didn’t even ask about my test result I said was pasted… Eco 104, it was fine , though, I had 72

Hmmm… good

What are you up to? Your project?


How do I look in this dress? I deliberately got this dress because of you, I know you love me looking sexy. Say something now, you like it?

She turns around for him to see

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Dr Sprinte

Hossy, do we have to keep going round the same cycle over and over again? I have told you time and time again, we can’t go on a major outing with you looking like an inflated balloon, I’ve said, for now, we can only have our relationship in the room till you lose some more weight and form a reasonable shape… I mean, I can’t go out with you looking like this

But I’m trying, I go to the gym on Saturdays until you said you don’t like the trainer and I should stop going till I get another gym; despite that I still jog every morning, I am trying

By now she already has misty eyes with her voice shaking

Look Hossy, he that is good at making excuses will only keep making more. You are fat, you sweat a lot, your palms, your face, nose, sole of feet… see, my girlfriend illuminates me, my girlfriend is meant to be a reflection of me, if you are like this then, I can’t show you off, BURN MORE FAT!

He yells out at her. By now she is not able to control her tears, the tears run down her cheeks uncontrollably. Her lips are trembling as she sobs

A friend’s sister is coming around, I will be going out with her because I really need to cool off, have some fun this season that happens once in a year… just friends

He avoids making eye contact with Hosanna who by now is soaked in tears

Look it’s okay…it’s okay. You know I love you hum? You can take this time to read up some of the classes you’ve missed, exams are coming soon and in 100 level trust me you need a good CGPA okay?

Hosanna nods in concordance with what he just said

Oya give me a smile now my Hossy! Hossy!

She manages to smile

Let me be on my way then so you can have some time to get set

She bends down to put on her shoes, her clothes are up her thighs, Jimi sights the exposed thighs, the tightly fitted top revealing her cleavage as she bends

Ah! No now, won’t you cook for your Jim-Jim? Do you want me to carry empty
stomach around campus? Go and prepare something jor

He teases her. Hosanna is still sniffing, cleans the tears off her face. She bends down to carry the pot from the wooden cupboard close to the bed. She opens it and sees it is dirty, she carries it outside the room. Jimi heaves a sigh of relief as she leaves

                                                            THIRTY-EIGHT MINUTES LATER

Jimi’s phone rings, he looks back to be sure Hosanna is not close by. The door is left open; it cannot be shut except when locked with a key.

Hey, guy! I just want to eat before I call you

He tries to reduce his voice, still sounding confident too.

I told you it’s a small matter. At the moment she is in the kitchen making me dinner… mumu

He chuckles

I don’t know what she wants me to do with a fat girl with sweaty palms and feet, me Olujimi Festus… abeg are the girls ready?… Yeh! I’m dead… if today is when I will have HIV I am ready… who?… she said the bleeding has ceased, she’s at home with her mama. We will discuss more when we see… I will join you soon

After making the call, he turns back still smiling broadly. To his amazement,  Hosanna walks in, she has a pot of rice in her hand, she stares at Jimi as tears start to fill her eyes

I heard you… I heard everything

She pulls the hot pot of rice towards herself so she can throw it out with full force towards Jimi but he quickly blocks it with his hand and the rice spilled over the entire room. He hits her hard on her cheeks causing her to land on the floor. Jimi goes towards the door, locks it and draws out his belt

Are you mad? Look at the whole room, is it my fault that you are a shapeless ameba? You will never repeat this again in your life, now pick every single grain

He whips her with the belt on her buttocks, she cries out loud. Jimi puts his finger across his lips telling her to keep quiet

Quiet! If I hear your voice again, I will wound you badly.

She is nodding her head nonstop

Today is your day, now, take off your dress.

Ah! Please Jimi, you know I’m a virgin

No, I don’t know, I’m just about to know. Off!

By now she is sobbing profusely.

I don’t know if that’s rape. I walked into his room myself, I seduced him, it’s my fault and I cannot press charges, my father is a Reverend, he will kill me

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HeartMINDERS RAPE2Join us tomorrow for a walk against rape

Mama Justice has gone to her side to comfort her

Hmmm! I am so sorry Hosanna but let me help you get some things clear. This is
not your fault, of course, I do not endorse your entire actions but this rape is not your fault and yes he did rape you, Section 357 of the Criminal Code Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria stipulates that anyone who is convicted of using violence to have carnal knowledge of a woman without her consent shall be guilty of rape. As long as your consent was not given, it’s rape. Keeping silent and not reporting will further endanger you, as you will be exposed to the possibility of him striking again. You cannot afford to live in the bondage of silence, which is the power rapists have over their victims.

Dr. Esiri walks in looking tired and unhappy. The voice of the wailing woman is heard from outside

Ha, Labake! Kin se base so niyi (this was not what we agreed)! Jimi Festus, wherever you are, your parents will mourn over you like you are making me mourn

She’s gone. She was actually brought in dead. We were told they found in her diary that she was raped by one Jimi Festus some months ago…

Hosanna is shocked, she cuts in trembling

That’s Jimi, same guy who raped me

Dr. Esiri and Mama Justice express surprise

So she kept it to herself, did not visit the hospital after then, I guess she was ignorant. Few months after the rape, she found out she was pregnant. Jimi told her to get rid of it… took her to where she terminated the pregnancy. Days later she developed   complications, septic abortion. She went back there; in short, they could not control the hemorrhage. On her way down here she gave up the ghost


So I’m not the first Jimi will…

But you can be the last if you choose to press charges. Every time we lock up a rapist, we’re preventing him or her from committing another attack. You can be saving an entire generation just by taking this up. For the love of others…

I think I’ll do this. If this lady had taken the case up maybe he would not have done the same thing to me. If I don’t take it up, he might do it to another girl. I will… I will do this

She breaks down into tears. The other two women walk towards her to embrace her

                                                                 THE END

Appreciation: Seun Abimbola
Between March 2012 and March 2013, 678 rape cases were reported in Lagos state alone
95% of victims are raped by people they know, love and trust.

If every Nigerian knows what to do in the case of rape, we would have less rape  incidence, less unplanned pregnancies and a decrease in the number of people with HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

The Lagos State Government, through the State Domestic and Sexual Violence response Team (DSVRT), has approved the use of the 112 toll-free emergency line to report cases of rape,  domestic violence, defilement, child abuse, neglect and other
sexual assaults perpetrated in the state.

Rape victims should go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY after the experience so as to, among other things, get immediate treatment and evidence to prosecute the rapist because after 72 hours, evidence necessary to prosecute the perpetrator may be lost. For more information on how to handle a rape case click here

Some NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) that offer relief are:
1. Mirabel Center in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital
2. End Rape And Sex Abuse (ERSA)


The least we can do is share and comment on this post, you just might be saving a life.

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Thank you!



Story by: Busayo Awodein

weaning mobile

Total weaning was something I really did not look forward to. Apart from the emotional stress being undergone by mother and child that period, I really was not ready to stop enjoying the benefits I derived from breastfeeding – especially that of the mother to child bond. Initially, I had planned to breastfeed for two years or at least 18 months, but a part of me just felt it was time to stop which I did at 16 months. Hence, here’s my weaning story.

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Immediately my daughter clocked one, I intensified the weaning process. I stopped breastfeeding during the daytime and breastfed only at nights. I had come to terms with the fact that it would be almost impossible for me to stop breastfeeding completely on my own because I could not bear to see her cry so hard for something that I had the power to give her, so I was waiting for a ‘savior’. I knew I had to stop because I was not having adequate rest at nights; she woke frequently to breastfeed, and she also had little sleep.  Thankfully mother was coming to spend some time with me. So, the plan was baby would stay with mother at nights and when she wakes to feed, there would always be a substitute- pap, chocolate drink or cereal.

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So, the process of full weaning started. It required a lot of determination on my part. The whole weaning took about five painful days…painful physically because of engorged breasts, and painful emotionally because of my baby’s cry. Gradually, after the five days we started, she started sleeping all through the night and forgot about breast milk altogether.


Script It: did everything change in that 5 days?

Busayo: yes, more or less. After 5 days maybe 3 more extra days after mom left. When she woke up then, I would just pat her bombom until she slept back

Script It: so after a week you stopped she started sleeping all through the night?

Busayo: yes

Script It: do you think their frequent waking at night to suck is not really because they are hungry?

Busayo: for my child, well, thinking back, I think it was just an addiction, bus once she knew that breast milk was not going to show she stopped. That was why I did not want to give her food too because it might just mean waking up to eat, which will become another addiction.

Script It: I like the point you just raised about not introducing food so they don’t start the habit of waking up to eat again. When she woke up for the cereal and pap back then, was she sleeping off immediately after taking them?

Busayo: yes she was sleeping off immediately after taking them. Sometimes she would start sleeping as she was taking it

Script It: during the times when she was waking up to take cereals, did her intermittent wake up frequency reduce?

Busayo: yes, it reduced drastically. Instead of waking up 5 times before day break, it reduced to once or twice.

Script It: why pap and cereal?

Busayo: I guess pap and cereals are more filling so it made her sleep more soundly

Script It: thank you

Download the World Health Organization recommendation on weaning


boomerangWritten by Ayokunle Olagoke


LARA (35) is seating at the receptionist’s cubicle with a tag on her table that reads “kindly make all your inquiries here”. She is conversing with someone over the phone. Her food pack is on the right side of the table. She has the TV remote control in her hand, a Nigerian movie is being shown on the television. She is chewing a piece of meat in her mouth as she is also engrossed in the conversation.

I already told her, until she leaves that church I don’t see an end coming to her pro… You married a husband who has no job as if that is not enough you are now attending a church where your pastor who is 68 years old has no child, how do you think he will pray for you to have a child?

She pauses to get a response from the other end of the phone. Femi, a young man walks in, looking exhausted with a small sheet of paper in his hand. He wipes off the sweat from his face with his sleeves. He takes a glance at the sheet of paper then takes a looks at the name of the company boldly written on the insignia hung on the wall, he walks towards Lara, taking a bow with his head as a form of greeting. Lara stares at him from head to toe, his appearance does not look impressive or choice.
She signals to him with her left hand to hold on while she continues with her conversation. Femi attempts to speak but Lara repeats the signal again. Femi waits right there standing in front of Lara’s desk, hoping that Lara’s conversation will end soon. Lara continues to chew on her meat.

Since we all left school, no progress in her life. There is so much of bad luck following that so-called husband of hers… really? Is that his new lie? He can never get a job. Until I see him working with my two eyes and paying bills at home, I will never believe he… ah you know you believe things so easily.So, have you heard from Leye? Is he still dating that Nike girl?

She makes a long hiss to depict hopelessness on the matter.

Nike has cast a spell on him, how can a lady tell you her two siblings died of sickle cell and she is AS, and you still want to go ahead and marry her… ehen? Even if he is AA nko? AS and AA, there is still “S” there so they can have SS child o… ehen? So they can’t have SS child that way? Are you sure? Anyway, you work in the hospital… me I sha don’t like Nike, she’s even slim like an ogbanje… her tiny legs like that of Miss Pepeye

She bursts out into laughter,

Yes now, she wears skinny trouser like a prostitute

She hisses in disgust. At this point, Femi walks to where the seats are to take a seat, he seems  restless as he checks the time on his phone which is bonded with a rubber band. Lara glances at him as he goes to take his seat and quickly takes her eyes off him.

All I know is whatever we all sow we will… Muyiwa leave me jare, all you men are the same, show me a man who does not cheat and I will show you a first class liar. I lived with Lanre for fourteen years yet he went about chasing after tiny legged girls and me I don’t have patience, before he  could say “Jack” I’ve packed my… So you are saying your wife left just because she doesn’t want to relocate to Nigeria with you? I don’t believe that Femi’s phone rings, he goes out to receive the call.

Lara stretches her neck to peep at him and see what he is up to, pulling the land line closer so she can see him clearly.

I have a visitor jare, he resembles all this aboki selling suya, he has been so impatient, ah I told him to wait, I will attend to him, nobody can even do any shakara for me in this office. They never pay me my three months salary so I will work at my own pace… my battery is flat, we’ve been talking for more than an hour… She is fine o, she is back from school so I sent her to the market, she should even be back any moment from now. Amen ooo, all of them will give us great delight. Her brother is writing his WAEC next month, I am getting relieved gradually…

Femi walks in and approaches Lara’s desk impatiently, looking worried


So we will talk later jare

Turns her revolving chair towards Femi, staring at him rudely

So how may I help you?

My name is Femi, an accident occurred close to Azizat Market some hours ago involving a young girl and a taxi, the taxi did not wait after the collision so I took the girl who was lying there helplessly, to the hospital, there was no way we could recognize her, she
wasn’t speaking. On my way home to go change my shirt because it was stained with blood, I saw this piece of paper in my back seat with this company’s letterhead so I thought someone here might know her

He dips his hand into his pocket to bring out the sheet of paper. Written on it is the list of things to buy from the market. Lara quickly snatches it from his hand trembling as she recognizes her own handwriting on the paper, she is shaking uncontrollably.

Yeh! Yeh! She’s my daughter

We need to hurry now, I just got a call from the hospital that my attention is needed

Ah! You should have told me… you should have… yeh


Ogbanje – a child believed to repeatedly die and then return to its mother to be reborn
Miss Pepeye – a character in the Wale Adenuga’s Papa Ajasco comedy who tries to create the impression that she is classic but is truly not. She is simply plastic




I actually married as a virgin o, thanks to having a strict mum who would not endorse me having boyfriends until after university, being a born-again Christian, praise and worship leader, hearing the word of God daily aided me (I had my fair share of temptations too, so l am no saint here).

I had two kids less than 1 year and l found out l was pregnant again. Oh my God, my husband, and l were not ready for this. We then came to a decision to terminate it. I secretly wanted my husband to say no but…. I prayed earnestly for a miscarriage but, nothing happened.

I went to the hospital but the doctor touched my tummy and said it was hard, that l was too far gone. ‘Go and do a scan’, he said. I went for the scan hoping the doctor will say he would not carry it out but my scan showed 6 weeks, EDD to be October 2009 and the hardness was as a result of a fibroid. He scheduled the next day which happened to be our wedding anniversary. I was hoping something will happen to prevent the procedure but alas the day came. I went in and l was disgusted at the site of the ‘area’, which was a far-cry from the hospital where l delivered (it was a popular hospital o but with old and archaic equipment). My legs were spread apart and he put the ‘thing’ inside of me and drilling things out. I moaned with pain. My body quivered in unimaginable soreness when the action was taking place. The painful part for me was that my hubby was not there with me. I went in alone. I cried out of the theater, out of the hospital, in the taxi cab, till l got home, cried and cried asking God for forgiveness.

When l got home and the realities set in, ‘what have l done?’ l asked myself. Abortion! Yeepppa… I cried and cried. I do not know of others who have experienced it but l did not heal of it for years. I could not receive God’s forgiveness. I healed physically after two weeks as l was given antibiotics and painkillers but the next months and years were bad as it was full of emotional soreness and guilt. I went back to the hospital to have family planning in place to avoid any more mistakes. The site of the hospital building reminded me of those horrors.

Two years later, the craving for another child won’t leave me. I decided l was ready and l removed family planning but pregnancy won’t come. The next following years were filled with self-guilt. Every menses was a constant reminder of my sin. People’s display of new-born ‘dp’ put a prick in my heart as a sinner. I was jealous of people pregnant and celebration of babies. Although l had two other children but l wanted a child like a woman who never had one. I prayed and prayed, l would not let go.

Finally; l got pregnant. Oh my God! It was like a dream. This pregnancy for me was a sign that God had forgiven me and given me a clean slate. You know what, not only did l fall pregnant again, l found out on our wedding anniversary and guess what EDD was October (again). Do l need any more sign of God faithfulness and forgiveness?

I am not writing this to celebrate abortion. I never in a million year thought l would be part of it, l was disappointed in myself but that experience made me realize that ‘he that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall’.

Abortion shouldn’t be the last option, it is horrible, and it’s like acting in a horror movie. Unfortunately, people don’t talk about it especially in this part of the world. Many times we hear that “Don’t have sex before marriage so that you won’t have to abort and if you get pregnant, birth the child”. But there is another part which is for married women who have unwanted pregnancies, don’t abort!

Get family planning in place before sex resumes after childbirth.

Also stop this rubbish of what people will say, for example, people will say “na every year you dey born ni” (Do you give birth yearly?)? “are you a baby factory?” etc. These people you are mindful of won’t be there where you are reaping the harvest of your guilt but will surely shut up their mouths when you are reaping the harvest of a God-sent child. Also you yourself should stop making fun of people, trust me a silly comment is the last thing a pregnant woman wants to hear. Abortion, D & C is horrible except if your heart is made of stone. Many of us have heard stories of a child that a woman wanted to abort but turned out to be the most celebrated. Some may never have a second chance like me but in all, do know that God is a loving father and not a taskmaster waiting for your mistake. In your mistake, do rise above it and don’t go back to the sin.

Contact Aya Keni on:

ARTLESS (Episode 2)


ARTLESS (Episode 2)

Written by: Ayokunle Olagoke

In an interview on MTV (2001) by Kurt Loder of MTV news with Eminem (15 times Grammy Award winner), also known by his real name as Marshall Mathers, Eminem talked about how he doesn’t want his daughter to listen to his songs anymore, because she is old enough now to understand what her daddy was saying.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average child listens to more than 2 1/2 hours of music daily


AUDREY (8 years) and ALFRED are each standing in front of their individual birthday cakes. AUDREY is dressed in her pink top and short skirt. A bit of her belly is out with a large part of her back also revealed. Aflred who is also eight is wearing a crazy jean with crocodile hair style. They are surrounded by their classmates.


Now the 2 celebrants are going to make their individual wishes, let’s start with you Audrey, come on sweetheart!


(moves closer to the cake so she can blow off all the candles easily)

My wish is to dance and shake my boobs in Davido’s music video one day

There is a mixed reaction in the room, many of the other kids give her a resounding applause while there are mixed feelings among the teachers. Alfred cuts in


But your boobs are flat, I’m sure Davido is not going to want you


Yes he will!


He won’t!

The moment aunty Ngozi spotted the unhealthy argument going on among the minors she quickly cuts in


It’s alright guys, now Audrey, can you make another wish?


What’s wrong with the wish I made? Are you also joining Alfred?

At that moment, the closing bell rings, Audrey grabs her school bag and dashes out of the room with tears in her eyes.


Audrey! Sweetheart, come here!

Her mother is already waiting for her in the car alongside the driver, she runs towards the parents’ car park and jumps inside the car with aunty Ngozi running to catch up with her

Oh baby na banga-banga, if you no give
me your body then I go jump for


Mummy, let’s leave


                 What’s going on? We can’t just leave. Dele, turn down the music volume… aunty Ngozi!


(just approaching the car, panting heavily)

Good afternoon ma…


They are still on their way home. Music playing at the background


Yepa! Afi ko pa mi o (unless you kill me), what I’m seeing is trouble, because of you I go hustle

What song is this, Dele? Did you just
download it?


Ah! aunty, this is “On top of me” by Fregene


I like the song o. You will give me on my phone

(She turns to Audrey who seems lost in thought)

Sweetheart, what are you thinking of?

Mrs Aganga’s phone rings


Hello dear… fine o… really? Hold on a second, let me give her the phone… (she puts the phone on hold) Audery, it’s Alfred’s mum, Alfred wants to speak with you


I’m not speaking with him


Come on darling, hear him out

(She reluctantly collects the phone)


Yea?… I’ve heard you… yes I’ve heard you but I still can’t be your girl for now. From what you did I don’t think you can take care of me… alright… what time on Saturday? I will tell my mum

She hangs up the phone


What did he say?


He said he’s sorry. He wants me to come for his birthday party on Saturday but I don’t want to


But why sweetheart?


Because I have flat boobs, I want a bigger one. They are going to call us out to dance and how will I shake my bombom and boobs when they are flat?


Sweetheart, don’t worry about that, I’m sure he won’t mind


He will. He told me he like it when it’s big


Ok, look at Tiwa Salvage, she has a moderate size and she’s doing fine. It’s because you are still a child

Audrey doesn’t look convinced. Her two arms are folded in discontentment


Ok! I will buy you something you will wear that will make it come out


You mean like a cloth? What about after the party, can I still wear it?


Sweetheart you will take it off after the party ok?


                    I want something permanent, (she mutters)


They are just getting home, Mrs Aganga steps out of the car, heads into the building while Audrey is busy packing their luggage out of the car. Dele confirms that Mrs Aganga has gone farther away then he starts a conversation with Audrey


Audrey, I can help you get a big boob, you won’t have to wear anything. It’s for big girls and I can teach you how to be a big girl then have boobs


                    Really? Like the one the girls have in Olamide’s video? (beaming with excitement)


Sure! Even bigger


Wow! When will you help me?


Firstly, you must never tell anybody about it


                    Okay (nodding incessantly) I promise. I won’t


Not even your mummy o


No, I won’t


Ok! this is what we will do, the party is this Saturday and today is Thursday so we have to be fast

Audrey is nodding in concurrence


So instead of taking you to school tomorrow morning, I will take you there.


I don’t get it


You know we drop your mummy first on our way… so after dropping your mummy, I will take you home


We will come back home?


Yes… no… the place, I mean the place where we will make you mature then you will have a big bombom after then but like I said, you must never tell anyone, not even your mummy, if you tell anyone what I want to do will not work, you hear?


I already promised and it’s not right to break promises



Where is the music you were playing yesterday? Please let’s play it again

Dele inserts the USB cord attached to the stereo into his mobile phone and increases the volume of the car stereo.


Your body na too hot, let me be caught putting it on you


Mum, I will be going for Alfred’s birthday (she is beaming with so much excitement)


Wow! That’s my baby, I’m so glad you changed your mind

Something is going to happen today,
something good which will make me
attend the party

Really? Tell me what it is

Dele quickly gave her a critical look from the center mirror,
his heart pants increasingly

It’s a secret for later

You know I can keep a secret so tell me

By now Dele appears restless on his seat, he stylishly turns up
the volume of the stereo

The last time I told you about my secret
swimming class, you said you were not
going to tell dad but you told him


Dele, please turn down the music. That’s
different, your dad has a great phobia
for swimming so I can’t hide something
like that from him, he won’t be happy.

Mom! let’s not talk about this again
please, I will tell you later

Alright! If you insist

Not long, they arrive at Mrs Aganga’s office, she gives Audrey a
tight hug and hurries into the building. Dele heaves a sigh of
relief as she works into the building
(looking back to have an eye
contact with Audrey)
And why were you running your mouth?

But I kept the promise, I didn’t tell
her the secret

But you almost did, the more you run
your mouth about our plan the more your
bombom will keep getting flat ok?

Ok… (looking unhappy) I’m sorry


They both arrive at Dele’s apartment, Mama Twins who is his
neighbour in the “face me I face you” building is seen washing
clothes outside, close to the well.

Dele, which one you dey? Who be this?

My sister’s daughter

She is staring at the prim and proper little girl and wondering
how Dele’s sister could have raised such a chubby daughter

Ehen? No be this girl follow your madam
come last time? (pointing her finger
at Audrey with curiosity)

Ehen? Wetin be your own Mama Twins? (he

Dele pulls Audrey by the hand tin the direction of his room hurriedly, brings out
his bunch of keys from his pocket, opens the door to the one
room apartment hurriedly. He puts on his sound player, presses the play button

Uhh… oh baby… roll, roll, roll your
Ehen! Now, lie on the bed and take off your

He starts to take off his own too. Mama Twins walks quietly
towards Dele’s window to peep through. Her eyes rolls to and fro
the room in search of the activities going on till she sights Audrey

Ok uncle Dele

          At this point, Dele’s phone rings, he walks away from the bed towards the table to answer the call

Yes ma… It’s traffic I will soon be

I’ve taken off all my clothes, uncle Dele


 (hitting Dele’s door hard) Dele! Open this door and let the poor girl go o, Dele!

                             MRS AGANGA (ON PHONE)

                    (over hears Audrey’s voice at the background alongside Mama Twins’ loud voice from the window)

                    That’s Audrey. Omodele where are  you?

          Dele quickly cuts the call.


                    Yeh! I’m in trouble! Mama Twins, wetin be your problem?

          Mrs Aganga’s call comes in again but Dele ignores it

                              MAMA TWINS

                    I will shout Ole for your head if you no let that girl go now


                    Oya! Let’s start going to your school, wear your clothes. (He trembles uncontrollably in a confusedly)


                    Uncle Dele are you no more helping me?


                    I say put on your clothes

                                                          THE END

Researchers recently took a look at the trend of increasing use
of sexually explicit lyrics in music. Their findings provide
food for thought for educators whose focus is to promote healthy
sexual development.
The amount of music that 8 to 18-year-olds listen to has
increased by 45 percent in recent years, rising dramatically
with the popularity of MP3 players, such as iPods. Previous
research has indicated that there is a strong link between
exposure to sexual media (on screen and in music) and sexual
activity. Teens tend to overestimate the sexual activity of
their peers and one source of this misperception is the
entertainment media.
The researchers analyzed the lyrics from the top 100 songs
in the Billboard Hot 100 year-end most popular songs every
decade from 1959 to 2009.They found that male and non-White
artists were more likely to write songs with sexual lyrics in
the past two decades and that there were more sexual references
overall in 2009 than in 1959.
The authors point out that degrading and sexualized music
can have a harmful effect on teens. For girls in particular,
this can lead them to judge their personal worth on a sexual
level only, leading to poor body image, depression, eating
disorders, and substance abuse.
Most song lyrics don’t discuss dangers of sexual activity,
such as unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
Instead, music often glorifies promiscuity and promotes gender
stereotypes. According to a study published by the journal
“Pediatrics” titled “Exposure to Degrading Versus Non degrading
Music Lyrics and Sexual Behavior Among Youth,” adolescents who
listen to degrading sexual lyrics are more likely to engage in
riskier sexualized behavior. Degrading lyrics tend to objectify
both sexes and portray men as sex-driven and women as sexual

Amy Morin, (2015). Can Music Be a Bad Influence on Kids & Teens?

Springer Science + Business Media Summary (2011). Do sexualized
lyrics in popular music have an impact on the sexual behavior
and attitudes of adolescents?

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photo credit: Pau Myhill blog

When the innocence of a child is stolen…

Written by Ayokunle Olagoke


Mrs. Tinto is sitting in front of the dressing mirror, making herself up for the outing while Tofunmi stands right behind her with her reading glasses on her face alongside its attached black ropes


Mummy, our teacher said we should pay 500 Naira towards the inter-house sports competition tomorrow, for Junior and me, it’s 1000 Naira because we are 2

Mrs. Tinto keeps rubbing her powder on her face as if she did not hear her


Where is Junior?


(Looking unhappy now)

He’s playing ball outside




Mummy, I said our teacher said we should…


(cuts in angrily)

Tofunmi I am not deaf, you are just telling me now,


I told daddy last week before he traveled and he said he will give me


Ehen, am I your daddy?


Mummy now

(looking really sad)

our teacher said our parents can call her if they can’t give us the money tomorrow


Just leave me alone Tofunmi, em…Uncle Julius I’m going to church for Bible study, please make sure they do their assignments and Tofunmi tell your brother, if Uncle Julius reports any of you to me when I return, I will deal with you.

Tofunmi angrily enters her room and slams the door

                                                                                                                                                                            20 minutes later

Uncle Julius walks to Tofunmi’s room, knocks at the door and there is no response, he opens the door quietly, the poor little girl is lying on her bed with her pillow partly soaked with tears.


Are you crying?


I don’t want to be the only person who won’t have the money

Uncle Julius brings out 1000 naira note from his pocket with a broad smile. Tofunmi is brightened and overwhelmed, she stretches out her hand to grab it with excitement but he quickly swipes his hand backward.


Not like that, before I give you we will play,

(with a suspicious smile)


Ok… ok!

(She is booming with excitement and ready to do anything to make that 1000 Naira hers)

What kind of play, is it hide and seek?


No, it’s called “ere agba” I will teach you


Ok. But will you give me the money after we play?


Sure! This is it

(he puts the money under her pillow)


Thank you! Thank you!


Alright, this is how to do the play, you must never tell anyone, you will take off your clothes now, oya remove it…

(She removes her top hastily)

Wow! You are a big girl, and you are only in primary 3. Okay now your pants, I will also take off mine

(he hurriedly starts to undress himself)

Now lie down, don’t worry it won’t pain you ok? I will be gentle.

As he is about putting her head to the pillow, Junior pushes the door open, sees the two of them in an awkward posture, looking confused. Uncle Julius jumps himself up, grabs his boxers and quickly puts it on


Junior shhh (putting his finger to his lips)


What are you doing? I will tell mummy


Junior look, I will give you your inter-house sport money

Junior dashes out of the house


The highest prevalence rate of child sexual abuse geographically was found in Africa (34.4 %.)

One in 20 children (4.8%) has experienced contact sexual abuse.

Over 90% of children, who experienced sexual abuse, were abused by someone they knew.

More than one in three children (34%) who experienced contact sexual abuse by an adult did not tell anyone else about it.

Four out of five children (82.7%) who experienced contact sexual abuse from a peer did not tell anyone else about it.

The way out: educate your children both male and female, parents should educate their children and not think they are too young. Avoid leaving them with strangers.

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KAASUWAA- They Had Lives

By Ayokunle Olagoke


Among the passengers in the heavily loaded bus heading to Gadaka (the largest town in Fika, a local government in Yobe State, Nigeria) is Hansatu. She has just completed her National Youth Service Corps in Benin, it was her first time of traveling outside the northern region, where she had lived all her life. Her parents Alhaji and Hajiya Khatumu are one of those who although do not have Western Education will do everything within their capacity to make sure their children go to school and complete higher institution before they get married. Hansatu is the only female of the four children. Her mind races back and forth as she intends to break the news to her mother of how she has met Olumide in camp, a medical doctor from Osun state, in the South-Western part of the country. During her NYSC, her mother Hajiya Khatuma who is a successful trader of clothes in the central market has encouraged her daughter to give her heart to a good man preferably from Fika “our men take care of their women like no other place, how many men will sponsor their wives to Mecca before themselves? Your father did”. She had also taken her time to clarify that she would not be against the man if at all he is not from Fika, as long as he fears Allah and will keep the tenets of Islam, he will be welcome. Although Olumide is a devoted Muslim but he is Yoruba, nobody in the Khatumu lineage has ever been married to a person from another tribe. “What will mamma say?” “How will she break the news to papa?” even though Papa has never imposed any man on her like some other parents do but that was because he expected her to play along with the established path and not bring a complete baakoo². How will she convince them that Olumide is different? That he has big dreams? That he is daring? During the NYSC, he facilitated the conduct of free eye surgery for more than twenty-two people by making an advocacy call to those who can help and it was accomplished; Olumide is a focused young man who during his housemanship has passed his primaries, qualifying him to enrol for a residency training in ophthalmology, he has attended interviews in some teaching hospitals and is awaiting confirmation of appointment any moment from now. The most difficult part of the story is telling them Olumide wants the marriage done latest November and this is June coupled with the fact that he will be taking their dear Hansatu to the South-West, which is where he intends to work. Her thought was interrupted by Hajiya’s call; by now she has got home “as salam ale kum³ Hansa…” her voice breaks with sounds of excitement “mama” she replies as she grins on phone with her dimples well pronounced “oh my daughter! When you get home, drop your things and come meet me in the market, I have missed you” “I just got home not long mama, I have missed you too, I will be on my way shortly” “alright yi sauri, yi sauri (hurry up).”

*    *          *          *          *          *

“Audu, the school has closed more than an hour ago what are you still doing?” aunty Nafisa asks inquisitively, wondering why a young boy will stay back in school alone with his books while most of the other students barely wait until the end of school. Audu who is a new student is nine, he is in primary two. His education is fast compared to his other siblings; he is also one of the youngest in his class and brightest. “I am copying the notes I have missed before leaving” “you can do that at home, why are you doing it here?” There was a long pause as Audu stares at the wooden desk in front of him; aunty Nafisa is confused, wondering if she has said anything that could hurt the little boy. “What is the matter Audu?” “No house to stay for now” aunty Nafisa draws closer, gets interested “what do you mean?” “My papa is the new missionary; we live in the church, for now, mama sells in the market” “oh! I see, you are the Christian boy from Kaduna?” “Yes, ma”. Audu replied slowly. “But you still should be able to copy the notes where you stay” “no ma, when I close from school I join mama at the market to sell, we close late so she said I should always copy my notes before I leave school when the day is still bright”. Aunty Nafisa is moved with compassion towards the little boy. “Have you eaten anything since morning?” “No ma” “should I get you some k’arak’ara (snacks)?” “No ma, thank you, I will eat when I get to the market where mama sells” “alright, I will help you write some of them for the next thirty minutes then we can both leave for the market. Okay?” “Okay ma”. The time keeps ticking and about forty minutes later, Audu packs his books in the yellow and black colored polyethene nylon, he heads to the market together with his teacher Nafisa.

*    *          *          *          *          *

Ibrahim holds the newborn baby in his hands as tears run down his eyes, his third wife Amira has just put to bed his first child after twelve years of marrying his first wife. “Ina son ki (I love you)” he mutters to the baby girl in his hand “na gode Allah (thank you, God)”. The traditional midwife, usually called Unguzoma is still busy mixing some herbs in a brown calabash with another elderly woman beside her, who is Amira’s mother. Amira whose delivery was taken at home had lost so much volume of blood, she lies on the mat close to the window, breathing slowly. “Take this and drink” the traditional midwife stretches the calabash to her with the extracted liquid from the leaves. “You will be well”. Amira is only seventeen, this is her first time of delivering a child, she was given to Ibrahim by her father, Gambo in exchange for five acres of land. He would be so excited to know her daughter has ended the misery of childlessness in the house of Ibrahim and hopefully, the glad tidings will earn him additional favor in the sight of his son in law who is almost as old as he (Gambo) is. Few minutes after taking the concoction she quietly demands food, I want to lick dadawa soup with goat meat. “Do you have goat meat at home?” the Unguzoma turns to Amira’s mother to ask, “I will go and get it from the market now” Ibrahim burst into the discussion. He rises up in excitement, hands over the newly born to Amiri’s mother and rushes out with his jaka, where he keeps his money, “I will be back with it shortly” he further stated eagerly and dashes out in the direction of the market.

*    *          *          *          *          *

Exactly twenty-six minutes later, the whole market is turned upside down, people are taking to their heels, some are lying on the bare sandy ground at the point of death, some are heavily injured and bleeding profusely. Mothers are running without their children, everybody seems to be aware of what is happening- a suicide bomber has just detonated a bomb close to where the women sell clothes. The emergency service vehicles drive into the market hastily, picking up the seemingly lifeless and wounded people. The bomber had approached Hansatu’s mother as though she was interested in purchasing some goods, Hajiya Khatumu was the direct victim in contact with the bomber, her body parts along side Hansatu’s were recovered in pieces into the third day after the bombing.

Audu just returned with his aluminum tray to help a customer carry the yams she bought to where her vehicle is parked when the bomb was detonated, though he is alive but he instantly lost his hearing, he was one of those urgently rescued by the emergency service. His mother had lost her right leg.

Ibrahim was just arriving at the market when the ugly incidence happened, he was negotiating the price with Musa, the goat meat seller at that moment. After the incidence, his body was found among the lifeless ones parked to the other side of the market.

                                                                               THE END

We can become so used to the news about bomb blast every now and then that we forget that these victims of the blast have lives; these are people with dreams, hopes, and aspirations just like you and me. This piece is a reminder of this fact and a call for action and support in any way we can for this victims. Please do something after reading this piece, find out organizations offering help and lend a helping hand, encourage the troops fighting the insurgency, feature discussions that discourage terrorism on your social media platform and at least share this post, don’t le this moment pass by.

¹ Market in The Hausa language. ²A stranger. ³Hello.

Deaths associated with Boko Haram killed 6,347 in 2014 – Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project

More than 1 million people are thought to have been displaced by Boko Haramas civilians flee their homes fearing violence – International Organization for Imigration (IOM)

In 2012, the average lethality number of terrorist attack in Nigeria (2.54 deaths per attack) is more than 50 percent higher than the global average of 1.64- National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism

Five countries- Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria accounts for 80% of the deaths from terrorism in 2013- BBC

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Written by: Ayokunle Olagoke

Her eyes become misty. Turtle snatches her bag from her hand, dips his hand into her bag, brings out the pills.

No be MTP be this? You won abort the baby? Why?

Turtle you can’t take care of the baby (her voice trembling)

I told you I will fix things

Turtle! The only thing you sabi do well is rob, nothing else is working

Tears run down her eyes as she waves down a bike to take her away. Turtle holding the pills in his hands looks dejected. Abdul watches from a distance, flashes his car light but Turtle waves down a bike and goes the opposite direction

Florence serves Turtle with garri and groundnut and water in a cup. She goes to lie down on the mattress on the floor, turning her back at him. Turtle receives a text from Bolaji

“Hello Turtle, I want to come see you tomorrow. I will call when I get credit- Laji Faaji”

He puts the phone aside.

Florence! I know say you still de vex for me since they release me and I understand but I de try to calm things down, I want to provide for my family too (beating his chest), you know say I de try finid another work. The construction company I used to drive for said I can’t even work part time, but I still de press matters with dem

Turtle dials Abdul’s number and cuts, walks farther away from the house so he won’t be heard. Awaits Abdul’s call, not long his phone rings

I am coming to your side (in low tone), flash me the address…like 12 sha… ok

While receiving the call Bolaji’s call comes in on “waiting,” he picks

Laji Faaji! (walkimg back to his house) ok no problem… I full ground come now… bring something o… ok

Bolaji and Turtle are under a tree, Bolaji has his pen and notepad in his hands.

Is there any part of the story you won’t want me to publish?

(shake shis head) since you said you won’t use real names it’s ok

Bolaji gets up to leave

So are you saying yes to Abdul?

You de make better doh from this internet matter? Enough to take care of your family?

At least it’s better than being behind bars. I will publish it tomorrow. Thank you. Let me take my leave

There are three young men in the room, one is seen watching football on the TV, two are discussing with beer and cigarette on their table

(watching TV) But why do you want that loser back? He’s badluck to our team

Abdul sitting beside Hefty (43 years) smiles at Hefty

You think I’m stupid? He’s driving us for the next job (he replies angrily)

What about me? So you will be splitting my share into two? Like share it with him?

And don’t you ever question my decision! (in anger)

Hefty baba! Take it easy, he just wants to know the plan

He asks too many questions

Keji, no. Turtle drives like craze, we don’t intend to share anything with him, after this operation, we are dumping him and relocating

(shakes his head in disbelieve) and you expect me to believe you? so what will I be doing? (gets up with agression)are you replacing me with a los…

There is a knock at the door, Turtle steps in. Hefty gets up with one hand in his pocket. Abdul approaches Turtle to give him a hug, after that Hefty stretches his arm to shake him but Turtle pulls him closer and hugs him briefly. Keji is watching the whole scene

That’s Keji, you don’t know him. He is… is one of us

Keji makes eye contact without waving, Turtle responds with a wave

Get him some bottles

Hefty! But you no try o

Keji, get Turtle some bottles. Turtle, just let us forget the past, talk about the future, the bright future

Keji serves Turtle, who puts the bottle in his mouth and gulps a large quantity at once

So, Abdul said you need me for a job

We do (he answers hastily) let us repay you, let us make your life better

Turtle grabs his tummy

Toilet abeg, my stomach…

Abdul reaches for the key hung on the wall, hands it over to him

It’s outside, the fifth door to your left

Turtle rushes out hurriedly. Hefty stares at Keji suspiciously

Maybe he ate something bad

Turtle returns, hangs the key on the wall

I’m sorry, the thing just started suddenly

No problem. We have this huge job, it will be our last, it’s a bank, once we are through, we are done

Hefty! You said same thing the last work I did, there will never be a last until we… ah! Toilet key please

He reaches out for the key hastily and rushes out. Hefty stairs at Keji with suspicion

Keji! (grabs his shirt, squeezes it with his fist tight) what did you do to him?

Abdul tries to pull Hefty back

I added just a little


As Hefty lands the first punch on Keji’s face, there is a hard push at the door, armed men in SARS’ uniform bump into the room, gets them arrested, searches the room, finds guns, sharp knives of different sizes and fake police uniforms; they lead them out handcuffed into their van. Turtle steps out of the toilet, sights them from afar entering the van. He is heavily frightened, does the cross sign as his heart beats.

Ha! so close (breathing heavily)


Greg welcomes Bolaji with a great smile as he resumes for the day

There has been amazing comments on your post, Sir Ben was just showing me, come

They walk to one of the laptops already on. Scrolls down the post to the comments, Greg reads them out hurriedly

I follow your blog, you don’t know how many lives you are saving through this; my publishing firm can take 3 people if interested, there are openings in different aspects ranging from graphic designing to machine operation… this one says I can take this guy and 2 other people in my construction company, but that will be if they have completed the rehab with you and they are recommended… Sir Benson also got a call (turning to Bolaji), he was offered a grant to train more people especially from the juvenile, the guy read the story. (Turns back to the laptop) This says Benson, you are doing a great thing, I am a film producer, I’m considering these stories for great scripts, let’s talk, send me your email address

Wow! can I call Turtle?

Right away!

Bolaji reaches for his phone


Turtle knocks at the door, Greg opens the door, welcomes him back with a hug and a broad smile


Reintegration is the coming back of the prisoner into the society to continue normal life (including gainful employment) after incarceration. This includes after-release job placement and aftercare prgrammes which reduce reoffending and ultimately enhance community safety.

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Written by: Ayokunle Olagoke

Script Synopsis:

BENSON, an ex-convict of cyber crime founded a NonGovernmental Organization (NGO)-
Club 360 Degree where ex-convicts are rehabilitated and integrated into the society by exposing
them to diverse opportunities that the internet brings, in order to build their capacity and to
reduce their propensity of returning to crime.
TURTLE is an ex-convict who is overwhelmed by the daily challenges of sustaining his family.
In a desire to provide for his family, he joins the club but limits the ability of the internet to cause
an economic improvement, making him quit, in a quest to earn quick money.
As time goes on; members of the club begin to embark on projects that express the various
forms of injustice that go on in the prison system in Nigeria and the discrimination encountered
by ex-inmates, using the internet as an advocacy tool. This results in a revolution that alters
the events of Turtle’s life forever.




Papa Janet (42 years) knocks at the door, Florence (31 years) comes to open the door

Ehen! Please let me see your husband

Turtle (35 years) comes from behind his wife with chewing stick in his mouth. She gives way for him to speak with Papa Janet

Ehen! (smiling broadly) please, I plant some maize behind this our backyard but this morning I noticed some of them miss
so I say… let me… let me ask you maybe… maybe you know who… maybe you see…

By now Turtle looks so infuriated, he slams the door in anger

Benson (28 years) is browsing on his laptop with his wife, Funke (25 years) reading a book “DNA of an Innovator”

It was three months after our wedding when the law enforcement agents bumped into my house in the presence of my
wife, they ransacked everywhere and got me arrested;

Armed men in uniform bump into the house to arrest him

Benson is inside a moving van, handcuffed

Months later, I was charged with cyber crimes, talk about identity theft, social engineering, security cracking and every internet evil you can think of. I pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years behind those devastating bars.



Funke cries inconsolably as the van zooms off
My wife was shattered, it was as if her dashboard went blank, she could not have imagined the scene


Benson and Funke are having a conversation
She managed her grief amazingly, she never missed a single visit but during the early visits, she would come, sit
and say nothing, I would apologize and explain but she would switch to a power saver mode, then finally when her
visiting time is almost up she would say “I still believe in you”; those words were like encryption for me to decode
when I’m released.
Funke pulls over in front of Benson with a broad smile, he joins her in the car. They hug each other
After my release, I promised myself to give her the best life I can, I was ready to start a decent work, get out
there and live clean
He walks in with his tie in his hand and a brown envelope in his other hand appearing dejected. Funke welcomes him with a hug
But on release, I realized I was competing for the same job with people who never had criminal records, I asked myself, where are the jobs? Everything seemed to be working against me, but you know what my wife did?
Benson wakes up to find a used laptop beside him, he rises up from his bed eagerly. Funke is sitting beside him.
She got me a laptop and encouraged me to pick it up again, this time around, I moved from being a black hat hacker to a
white hat hacker,
Benson (38 years) is on his feet with a marker in his hand. On the white board is written “Cyber Terminologies” with 7 terms:
phishing, social engineering, Botnet, Zombie computer, Denial of-Service attacks, Skimmers, white, gray and black hat hackers
Today, I am a security consultant, I help companies test the security of their clients’ information system, and present them with reports detailing the existing security holes and how those holes can be fixed

Those in the room applauds him, some with a standing ovation
Exactly two years later, 24th February, we started this club, Club 360 degrees; turning lives around for good, we focus
on ex-cons, I saw how people’s lives wasted away while in prison, so I decided to offer this to the society, a capacity building programme that integrates ex-cons back into the society.

(His phone rings, he checks and cuts). I’m sorry, thought I had switched it off. I will take two questions now (checks his wrist watch); your name first please
I’m Bolaji, what are the available courses for us?
Ok, we have short courses ranging from programming or coding to blogging and web design, online marketing, cyber
security even research writing for journals and so on, please get the list from the secretariat. Next question?
Call me Turtle! I have two questions, one is how long do we do this school before we hammer? (those around burst
into laughter)yes now, (throwing his hands up) this question dey the mind of many of us because as for me, I need
money, wife and pikin have to eat. Two, how will this club benefit me as a former driver

Thank you Turtle for your honest question but unfortunately I cannot answer precisely the first question

Turtle hits his hand on the table in front of him in hopelessness
On our part we are willing to integrate everything into your motherboard today (laughs) but it is not possible; however
what this organization is doing is that all through your period of learning, we will provide you with monthly stipends
of ₦10,000, we provide lunch, we have a bus for transportation and you will be opportune to have your internship with
IT companies on our list, who may decide to employ you from there as we have seen in the past. We know all these are still
not equivalent to getting a job of your own but they are incentives from us and some of our partners till you can get on
your feet.
Oga Ben… ah! you try but e no reach anywhere, ah!
Turtle I get you but taking the right decision atimes is the toughest decision to take. As regards the second question,
the internet is very relevant to everybody, who knows if you will like to develop an app useful in that area, maybe even a game that will hit the app market; you need this courses man. Finally, over time, 60-70% of those who attend the first class end up not making it to the second class and the attendance keeps dropping but I will like your set to be different, let us
have a near 100% return for the next class. Good day!

Turtle enters the one room apartment, beaming with hope and excitement. Florence enters behind him carrying a stove
Where is Kingsley?
(puts down the stove) Still with mama
(in annoyance) Florence! what exactly is your problem?He moves closer to her with his nose touching her head, he is
looking down at her
I can take care of my family! Where is my phone, will call her myself
I went to see Nurse Monsura, the urine test says I’m pregnant
Belle? (calming down by now)
So I think it’s good Kingsley stays with mama, at least he goes to school from there because, so far, you never show
that you can cater for another child

Turtle walks out of the house angrily, slams the door, punches the outside wall of his apartment. He receives a text message on his phone from Abdul
Guy! long time! It’s Abdul, let’s see

Breathing heavily as he reads the text
Bolaji is making a presentation
So, my project is an advocacy for the improvement of our prison system in Nigeria and the lives of inmates during
and after release. Most of the things we go through is largely unknown by most people in our society, besides; many
think we deserve the harsh treatment. I think one thing we can do is tell our stories. That is why I have decided to
start a blog that chronicles the stories of ex-cons, human right abuses and unlawful detentions that go on in this
society. I have written down the experiences of ex-inmates, Ken here spent 8 years awaiting trial, eight years! Toks spent 4 months in police detention where officers were beating him with batons and matchets,

A Nigeria Prison


research has shown that more than 40% of those released find their ways back to the prison again after release, why? No favourable policies out there. The prison should be a place of reform where we come out refined, nothing wrong in running open University courses in our prisons but some of us barely see the computer at all through out our years of stay. (those in the room concur).



If nothing is done about these, what prospect does our future hold? How do we become heroes to our children?

One of the ex-cons who is the only female gently wipes her tears off her eyes and cleans up her runny nose too. Bolaji sights her, he is moved to tears too. He walks back to his seat; there is a brief silence, then Akeem walks up to the front of the audience
My name is Akeem Akinwale, my project is about using bulk SMS to ginger ex-convicts to stay off crime. I will like to read out some of the messages I have written for us to know what I mean (reaches for a laptop) “Don’t let the storms of life overwhelm you, when you do that, you are no better than the craziness that caused you to be
under attack- TD Jakes” we will have the messages in different languages

The audience applauds him as he returns to his seat
This is awesome! Sir Ben will be glad. As for the blog, we will feature your posts on the club’s website and  redirect people to your site; we will also boost your posts to attract more readers. Thank you

Turtle ties his shoe lace, Florence is washing clothes.
I don log out o
Florence says nothing
Are you going out today?
Florence shakes her head to express no
Steps out. Walks out of the compound and sees Abdul’s car flash his light to draw his attention. He walks towards him in amazement, Abdul (39), his hair jelled, his arms tattooed, beckons at him. He gently enters the car. Abdul drives a few minutes away from the house. They exchange greetings
Why cant I take you to where you are going?
You don’t have to. What are you doing h…
(cuts in)
I came for you, Turtle! (with a serious look) Why? you just backed off. Nothing from you since you came out. Hefty is not happy with you at all. Do you know what he went through for you to come out? Though it’s unfortunate despite all he did you were not granted release before time but I swear we pressed buttons cause na you na
Leave that press button side Abdul, three years! You no show. I saw those who really pressed button, for my eyes like this them go come release them. Some sentenced to life imprisonment no even spend 1 year, leave that matter abeg. Wetin bring you come?
Abdul rubs his beards with his hand, knowing Turtle has caught up with his lies
We need you Turtle, I swear nobody matches the turtle like you do. You are the best person that can drive us for this job. I know things tough at the moment for you and we…

Before he finishes, Turtle sights Florence come down from a bike in front of a chemist, they are watching her from  a close distance, she goes in, after some time the chemist walks to her, folds his arms to listen to her complain then presses her tummy, returns to the counter and hands over some drugs to her. She steps out of the shop. Turtle walks towards her briskly. She is surprised to see him
Florence! what are you doing? what is the drug for?
Leave me o! Leave me o
Her eyes become misty. Turtle snatches her bag from her hand, dips his hand into her bag, brings out the pills.
No be MTP be this? You won abort the baby? Why?
Turtle you can’t take care of the baby
(her voice shaking)
I told you I will fix things
Turtle! The only thing you sabi do well is rob, nothing else is working Tears run down her eyes as she waves down a bike to take her away.

Turtle holding the pills in his hands looks dejected. Abdul watches from a distance, flashes his car light but Turtle waves down a bike and goes the opposite direction.

Thank you for reading, please watch out for the final episode


Written by Ayokunle Olagoke



Inside the dark room is a stainless steel bowl placed on a wooden stool containing forceps, cranioclast, a syringe with spinal needle, uterine Currette, manual vacuum aspiration. The room is lighted by a rechargeable lamp. The sound of a woman wailing is heard. Mama Oyinbo seen struggling on a wooden table lined with an ankara cloth. Gradually her voice wanes.

Sisi Titi!

Mama Oyinbo! Mama Oyinbo!


People are present at the burial site. 3 young girls on the front role with Okoro(38). They all wear the same pattern of cloth.

(whispers to one of the girls) Where is your brother?

Suddenly, Chucks appears at a distance holding a cutlass, he rushes towards Okoro

He killed mama! he killed her

There is confusion around

Hold him please (moving backward)
Some men try to approach Chucks

Don’t come near me

On getting to the site, Okoro is guided by some elderly men persuading Chucks to calm down

Calm down my boy, please don’t let us have 2 dead bodies, tell us what happened

I overheard their conversation last week (tears streaming down his face) mama didn’t want to do it. He made her abort the baby

Okoro! is it true?

I didn’t ask her to abort. I did not kill her, the Government did

What do you mean Government?

After the delivery of our fourth child, she bled heavily, lost a lot of blood so, mama Ngozi, the traditional birth attendant asked us to take her to the Government hospital that night, when we got there, only two doctors were at the emergency, we were there for more than an hour before she was attended to and transferred to the ward. Finally, they said people were not really donating blood so there was no blood in the blood bank. She almost died; that was when she vowed not to have another child so, when she found out she was pregnant again she decided to abort it, it’s not my fault, if the hospital had responded to her properly she would have been alive

You wanted a son, by all means, you told her if the baby is not a boy then she has to look for how to take care of her, why won’t she consider abortion?

How is that wrong? I have three girls on ground

Dr. Brown (62 years) looks educated; wearing a black hat and suit with good diction

What did I tell you about family planning after her last delivery?

Janet pounced on Okoro, locking his cloth

Answer Dr. Brown’s question; why did you not let my sister do family planning? She told me you were against it

Please let him answer because there are lots of men in your shoes right here who are heading to the same place as you are
right now, answer!

You know, contraceptive spoils the fun, aside from that, the cost, moreover one should not stop God’s work if He wants to send us children why should we stop him?

Why did you wear clothes this morning, why not wait for God to decide if you should wear clothes or not?

So mama could have been alive today, if only…


Nigeria accounts for 13% Global maternal mortality rates. Of the maternal deaths in Nigeria are due to four conditions: hemorrhage, eclampsia, sepsis and abortion complications.

Nigeria has one of the highest rates of maternal death in the world, with 545 per 100,000 live birth.

Everybody has a role to play to stop this mass slaughter, the government has a role to play- provide enabling and supportive environment for high-quality health, the health personnel: health education, individuals too: making use of available contraceptive.
© Ayokunle Olagoke and, 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this Material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Ayokunle Olagoke and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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But …

(She begins to sniff as tears drop down her eyes. Dr. Adesoji offers her a handkerchief; she blows her nose and clears her throat.)

Now, I… I’ve started getting interested in ladies; like attracted to them in a sexual way and last two weeks, I… I don’t know. I found myself having an affair with a girl, our 12-year-old maid (she sniffs). That was the first time… so, I just knew I needed help. I need to speak to you. I know I need to see myself more like a lady, but it’s hard seeing myself as a girl (sniffs) after being a tomboy for so many years. So, that’s why I’m here.

I’m going to ask you some questions on some of the things you have not mentioned… erm first, do you have other names asides Oladele?

Yes… Caroline, Tofunmi.

Okay. I want your decision of wanting to change from a tomboy to come from within. I mean an embrace of femininity.


Okay… Your mentor, who are your mentors?

My mentors are Steve Jobs; ’cause I love gadgets, 2 Pac; his music and Vince
Lombardi; he was a football coach.

I know Vince. Are you very active on the social media? (Taking down some notes)

Sure! I’m on all the major ones.

Okay. Who are your closest friends, friends that you really trust?

Johnson, Akeem, and Sly

Okay. Are you ready for this therapy?

Of course, that’s why I’m here

I need to ask you because I want to help you. I won’t like us to get to a point and you say you want to pull out; I need you to cooperate with me

(Oladele nods)

The first thing I am going to do is change the name I call you. Henceforth, throughout this therapy session, your name will be Caroline

(Covers her face with her two palms) Oh! You’re kidding me, right?

No, I’m not (she said frankly). Now, that is the first stage. In addition to that,
I will like you to add ‘Caroline’ to your social media names; your Facebook, Twitter handle, BB display name, and Whatsapp. Just add it to the existing names.

(She chuckles and stares in amazement)
Wow! Wow!

Wait! Let me wrap up this stage before you comment. You are going to get a lot of reactions from people as a result of these changes; believe me, but you are not here to live for people. Sooner or later, they will get the message. All you need to do is follow through. Okay? I will like you to tell (reading from her jotter)
Sly, Akeem and Johnson that henceforth they should start calling you Caroline.

(Gets up from her seat)
No! (Throwing forward her two hands) That is just not going to work (she chuckles). I can still manage you calling me the name.

You mean Caroline?

Yeah! The name… Caroline yes but not my friends? Not my social media cliques.

(Dr. Adesoji keeps staring at her from her seat with a smile. Oladele walks to the window frames to have a fresh view of the outside away from the inside tension. She then returns to her seat and heaves a sigh of relief)

I will try to do it.

Caroline, I do not need you to try. I need you to do it. We will accomplish much more things if we don’t think them as impossible.

True! That was said by Vince, Vince Lombardi.

Yes Caroline

(Chuckles) Hmm! Caroline… Okay.

So, deal?

Yes, deal. For how long will this be?

3-6 months

Hmm! Okay… I will do it.

(Makes a thumbs up sign) Great! So, the next stage, Caroline, is a little exercise I need you to do daily – morning and night. Okay?

(Nods) What’s that?

Very simple Caroline, I want you to stand in front of the mirror daily, undressed and name the feminine parts of your body and touch them too. I want you to recite these before you start. (She writes down some things on her jotter and tears it out) Yes, these – “I am a woman and these are my female parts”. Then, you’d start to list and touch them.
(Oladele seems to be lost in thoughts. Her mind seems not to be in the room with the doctor as her heartbeat increases.)
Caroline, are you listening to me?

Yes, thank God we never can tell the future. If we could, we will never get out of bed (shaking her head). I did not prepare for all these… these things you are asking me to do are strange to me; listing the female parts of my body…

And touching them, Caroline

Yes, and touching them in front of the mirror daily. Then, saying those words you wrote here (she stretches her hand to pick up the paper with her legs straightly crossed and her left hand inside the hood pocket). I won’t lie to you, I can’t do it (she shakes her head continuously). I can’t.

Caroline, you cannot expect others to accept your body when you have not accepted it. You cannot expect people to love you when you have not developed how to love your own body. What I am trying to help you achieve through that is to love your own body, to love who you are and embrace your real identity

I don’t need to stand in front of the mirror to be loved by myself. I love who I am! (Getting up from her seat and raising her voice) I am a tomboy and I love that. That is my point.

No Caroline, that is not who you are. That is who you have made yourself to be. Who you are is a female. You are a woman, Caroline.

(Oladele slides her palms through her misty eyes as she concurs with what the doctor just said. She slumps right back into her seat.)

I know it’s hard for you to deal with some of these things and if you want us to take it slowly or you need some time to go think about them, then you are free.

What is the third stage?

We haven’t struck a deal on the second


(Gives a thumbs up) Great! The third stage is going to sound so weird to you but change comes with a price and like I said, it’s just for 3-6 months, it’s not forever.

(Oladele waits anxiously for the bombshell)

We need to change your wardrobe.
Caroline, I’m going to need you to be on skinny jeans, skirts, and dresses every day of the week with just a day off. It’s for the 3-6 months therapy

What! I’ve not worn a skirt in years. The last skirt I can remember wearing is my secondary school senior class uniform.
What am I… How will? (She grabs her earpiece from the table and gets up) I need a break.

You did chemistry as a subject in school?

Unhumm? (Acting uneasy?)

Graphite and Diamond I understand are allotropes of Carbon. Graphite is very soft. They use it as pencil, paints and all that, while diamond is so hard, it’s the hardest substance on earth. Diamond is also expensive but from the same carbon. You know why Caroline?

(All these while, Oladele had turned her back at her)

Diamond is subjected to higher temperature and pressure while graphite is subjected to lower temperature and pressure. Now, you need to make up your mind. Do you want to be graphite or a diamond?

I need a break… to think.

(She walks out of the office hurriedly like someone who is being pursued. She holds her head like it wants to explode. She starts to walk up and down the corridor, breathing out and in deeply. She sits on a chair at the corridor, cleaning the tears that flowed down her eyes. The memory of how she goes in with their maid flashes through her mind including some of the words the doctor had said – “We will accomplish many things if we do not consider them as impossible”. Wiping the tears from her eyes with her left hand, she gets up, walks back to Dr. Adesoji’s office)

No wearing of make-up and no using of weavon

Alright (with a smile)

Deal then.


I have a question or observation or whatever it looks like.


One reality that the female gender keeps running from is that everything about women is designed to serve the men. They are to cook for them. They are to carry babies for 9 months. They are to submit to them. Their bodies age as they give birth while the men still look younger. Women put their dreams on hold to raise the children while the men move on with their lives; the excuse men give is that they have to work so they can provide but women still work alongside all these that they do. So, the female gender is like a defeated person who is yet to wake up to reality. I’m not proud of that gender. I need a reason to be proud of that gender and I don’t want to hear “behind a successful man is a woman”. I feel it is one of the ways of creating ecstasy in women; so…?

Hmmm! (sighs deeply) You have said a lot and I really respect your honesty. I hope I will be able to find words to convey the thoughts in my heart. While speaking, you mentioned one of the greatest strengths of women and that is “giving birth”. 2 Pac is dead now but we still talk about him because he gave birth to a style of hip hop that others now modify today, but we still make reference to him as a hero. Michael
Jackson will forever be remembered in history because he gave birth to a form of dance that others now modify today.
Steve Jobs gave birth to the iPads and the iPhones and though all these people are gone, we still retain their memories in history as heroes. The Albert Einsteins, the Faradays, the Michael Angelos, the Henry Fords, the Ransom Olds, they all gave birth to different things and because of that we regard them as Lords; we rate them high just because they gave birth to valuable things but have you sat down to think of the fact that all these people were each given birth to by a woman? Without the woman, there will be no Faraday. Without the woman, there will be no Einstein, no Steve
Jobs; all these people I have mentioned were given birth to by the entity called
WOMAN before they thought of giving birth to these inventions.

But there was a contribution from the man too

Exactly my point, I am not saying the female gender is superior to the male, neither am I saying the male is superior to the female. What I am saying is that the female is as important as the male. What I am saying is that there will be no success without the female coming into the picture. I am saying you and I are simply indispensable.

At the moment, I … I can’t think of any fault with what you’ve said but I feel something will be wrong with it. But … I think you are right… what’s the next thing you will have me do?

Alright, finally I need you to channel your strength in the right path. I want you to have at least a female role model. Not every woman figure loves pink dresses and acts girlish. You need to find women with lions’ hearts, women like Bertha Benz – she was the wife and business partner of the automobile inventor – Karl Benz; the
Benz we now drive. In 1888, she was the first person to drive an automobile over a long distance. Aung Suu Kyi of Burma; she was a president placed on house arrest but still refused to give up, women like Myrlie Evers-Williams, married to African American activist Medgar Wilie Evers who stood her ground against racism putting her life on the line.

Is that all?


Thank you so much, when is my next appointment?

Two weeks time

(Pauses for a long time, staring at the table) Alright… can you… can you be a mentor?


P.S: According to a Discrimination Survey among nonconforming gender individuals, Forty-one percent of all respondents reported that they had attempted suicide, compared with a national estimated rate of 1.6 percent.

Research has shown that gay and transgender youth entering into the juvenile justice system are twice as likely to have experienced family conflict, child abuse, and homelessness as other youth.

Let us help our children to embrace who they are created to be.

If you will love to further make this available to a larger audience in any way please contact the writer:



Written by Ayokunle Olagoke


Oladele (19)tall, slim, dark, wears a black hood, white earpiece
plugged to the ear, blue crazy jeans, hangs school bag on left
arm, the phone inside front pocket, white trainers shoe. Black shade
was worn. Walks gallantly inside the female toilet. The security at
the door post stares sternly as he sees the lanky figure glides
into the restroom.

Hey! Excuse me sir

Turning deaf ears to the call, the image rolls into the
restroom. The two ladies who are adjusting their skirt at the
passage of the restroom also staring at the mirror jitters as
soon as their eyes sight the incoming figure, the entity
bounced into one of the restrooms and the ladies bump outside.
The sound of urinating is heard but the toes are facing outside.

Dr. Adesoji (38) is the tag on the table. Sits on her executive
chair, watching a teaching video on her iPad. Wearing a nice
blouse, moffla around her neck wears a funky eye glasses. she
looks so younger than her age, pretty woman with a broad smile.
Her intercom rings and she picks.

Yes, you can, alright. Thank you.

Walking in with the hood is the same image prominent in the
restroom but without the dark shade, Dr. Adesoji, with her front
gap tooth rises up from her seat to give a warm hug and a broad

You made it


Dr. Adesoji Stretches her hand to the seat in front of her for
her guest who walks to the seat opposite the doctor.

I salute your courage (speaking slowly
and calmly with this outwards peace and
confidence from the inside. My Producer,
Mike forwarded your mail to me and I
have been so eager to meet you

Can we go straight to the point?

Dr. Adesoji nods

Like I said, I’M A TOMBOY (she removes her hood)


We are five, I mean children, all girls,
growing up I always heard my parents
fight over not having a male child, so
I felt something was wrong with the
female gender, that was how I started
trying to be a guy and hanging out with
guy friends, dress like a guy and all

During the conversation, she inserts her fingers on both hands
into one another, removes it, tightens her fists while hitting it
on the armrest of her seat gently, gesticulates with her hands
which has a masculine ring on the third finger of each hand

Maybe that’s why I am a tomboy you get?
I found out guys are easier to be
friends with than ladies, I mean… all
through my secondary school time, I’ve
noticed girls back bite, they keep
malice, they do all sorts but guys are
just plain, you get? I couldn’t accept
the weakness, passivity and
powerlessness that ‘femaleness’
required, so I’m always more with the

How old are you and what level are you
in school?

19-years, going to 300L. We are on break
at the moment

Ok. Go on


She begins to sniff as tears drop down her eyes. Dr Adesoji
offers her a handkerchief, she blows her nose and clears her

Now, I… I’m getting interested
in ladies like attracted to them in a
sexual way and last two weeks I… I
don’t know, I found myself having an
affairs with a girl, our 12-year old
maid (she sniffs) that was the first
time… so I just knew I need help, I
need to speak to you.

Writer’s note: this is an excerpt of a script, if you want to view the entire script or you will like to move the script to a higher level of production, kindly drop your email address in the comment box below or send us an email on Thank you for reading.


Ayokunle Olagoke
The importance of female education

OKOLI (32) grabbed DARE (28)’s collar with his fist tightly

“I will kill you today! I will kill
you today!” (With rage emanating
from his red eyes)

“why? What have I done?” “Tell me
what I have done wrong” (Dare is
looking confused)

“I’ve told you my mind, stay away
from my wife”

“Mr. Okoli, I haven’t done anything
to your wife”
a woman who has been watching from close quarter comes out,

WOMAN (58)
“I have been hearing you two’s
conversation, Okoli, if no one will
tell you the truth I will tell you,
you are your own problem! Send her
to school!”



Sweetheart, please I want to on
this CD player, it’s not like the
old one, where do I press it?
Okoli says nothing. He keeps pressing his iPad and swapping

you are not answering me

I’m tired please, I taught you 3
weeks ago or has your traveling
made you lose your memo… (Before
he completed his word his phone


OKOLI (contd)
rang) ah! My padi what sup? Ooooh!
No wahala, no wahala at all, I will
join you now… Ok
He takes the car key and leaves.

(looking unhappy) hmm.)
She carried the dust bin to go and empty then she meets Dare
coming in from his Saturday jogging sweating profusely

good morning ma, how are you doing
today? When did you return?

I returned yesterday o

alright, welcome. See you later

please Oga Dare, can you help me, I
want to on the CD player

sure, no problem, let’s go
Dare goes in and takes time to put her through on how to
operate it. He shows her how to use the remote control, he
explained what each of the buttons means.

Oga Dare I am very grateful o, I am
so grateful

ah! No problem ma, please feel free
to always call me anytime

Magi: ok

you know, I can help you get a
female teacher who can put you
through some simple things, they
will help you, I can’t put you
through because I’m a man, you get

you mean I still fit know book?

why not? You can, you are
interested in learning which is the
main thing.
8 hours later Okoli returns looking exhausted.Maggi opens
the door to welcome him with the remote control in her hand.
After they exchanged greeting, Okoli was amazed at how she
was operating the CD player, she paused when coming to
embrace him and resumed play again.

how did you do the CD player?

Oga Dare taught me.
Okoli squints his eyes, breathing heavily while Magi’s
attention was in the film she is watching.

NB: Men who marry women who are so much lower than them education wise should endeavor to educate their wives, these has led to the breaking of many homes and others who have taken this wisely are enjoying it today! – Written by
Ayokunle Olagoke)



Tayo keeps adjusting himself on the red cushion chair, two kids are on each of the other chairs, a boy and a girl of about 5 and
7 years old. They are fast asleep assuming funny postures; the boy has a toy gun in his hand with the light blinking while the lady has a big white teddy bear beside her. Tayo is really looking restless as he gets up from the dining table, with his food almost untouched, he removes the spoon from the plate to cover the uneaten food. Removes the toy gun from the boy’s hand and positions him to sleep properly, then he finally grabs the phone
Hello Boye… I’m sorry it’s late…
please… em I need your help, Tomi and
I just… err … broke up

What! what happened

Em… I can’treally explain now but
I’msure she will be so destabilized
and down now, I want you to please help
me call her, please, I won’tmind if
you can even go to her place to sleep
over please, I can come drop you

chill Tayo, I don’t get it as in you
guys are cute together, did you cheat on

No! I won’t do that you know

yeah I know but I’m just trying to
imagine what could have happened, she
will be so broken right now I know

yes she is, please help me try and get to her tonight, I can come drop you

no don’t bother, I’ll drive down, it’s
just 8:30

(sighs) okay, I hope to understand though

After the conversation, Tayo carries the children to the room to lay them on the bed one after the other and covers them with a blanket. The boy opens his eyes as he is being lain on the bed

Uncle Tayo can you please tell mummy we
still want to stay with you? We don’t
want to leave tomorrow

she is already planning to come over
tomorrow George, she has booked your



don’t worry; I will come over to your
place before the year runs out

Tayo goes to sit next to the poor little boy

I’ll miss you (he says slowly as he sits
up to hug him)

TAYO I’ll miss you too



Boye is on phone with Tayo

she’s still not picking your call
right?… I will give her the phone as I
go in now

She walks in from the kitchen to the sitting room and stretches the phone to Tomi who is in her pyjamas on the three-sitters chair in the living room watching a comedy on the TV


who? Where did you get this movie from?
‘Cause I know you don’t watch films, it
looks like a film Tayo will love to buy

Boye’s facial expression shows she is surprised because Tayo actually gave her the comedy to give Tomi to make her laugh. She collects the phone from her still laughing. Tayo is smiling broadly on the other side as he is listening to the conversation

Hello (with laughter from the comedy still in her voice)

(Clears his voice like he was suddenly choked)
baby please don’t hang up please… please… I just want to hear your
voice, I want to ask about your proposal defence 2 days ago, I want to know if
the toothache is still there, I want to know if the plumber came to repair the leaking zinc in your kitchen, I want to know if grandma’s visa has been released, baby I just want to know you are fine, I’ve missed you and I just want to know you’re fine… I called
Boye because you won’t pick my calls and I understand, I really do, hello… say something baby… please

Tomi has tears streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably till she completely breaks down into complete tears

what do you want me to say? I’m… I’m
trying to be fine

hmmmm (sighs) this is really hard

I read there’s only a 25% chance of giving birth to an SS as in, if we have four kids only one may be SS

that’s not what the doctor explained
baby, he meant for each child we have,
there is 25% likelihood that the child
is SS, that’s why the whole 3 we plan
having can all be SS

please let’s not talk about it again, I think I’ve heard enough, you’ve made the right decision though hard, breaking up though we say we believe in miracles

hmmm! I won’t lie to you baby, I can’t
get over you, it’s not easy

good night


please… before you hang up, can I come
see you tomorrow? Please don’t say “no”

okay (nodding her head incessantly).

Tayo hangs up the phone and sinks into his chair, having flash backs
if you believe, all things are possible to them that believe, you can believe it and God can do a miracle

Tayo, I’m not saying it’s wrong to have
faith but if you can’t trust God to
change the genotype before the
marriage then don’t bother going into it
at all. George and Agee are both AA but
it was before marriage we settled it, we
trusted God for a change

Tayo, I think I’m running insane on this
issue of genotype, we are not the first
and will certainly not be the last, this
is the 3rd time we are discussing a break
up on this issue, it’s a pity we say we
believe in miracles in church but when
are faced one on one with our Goliath we
opt out.

medically we advise that two people who
are carriers of the sickle cell gene do
not get married, a times they think they
can overcome it but it doesn’t happen
all the time, when the problem comes it
is usually overwhelming and full of
if you guys are the will of God for each
other then go on, he will back you up

I believe God gave the scientists the wisdom they used in making these discoveries, I believe these discoveries are from God and should not be ignored, our brain is not from the devil, it’s given to us by who? God

if you want to call it off I think the earlier the better but I know water can still be turned to wine

we have seen a lot happen, some go ahead
and come back years later with all four
kids with the disorder, these children
live in pain, some die along the way,
some don’t get to get who to marry or
who to marry them, the psychosocial
aspect is equally terrible

don’t confuse yourself with this faith
thing, if you want to fly a plane and the pilot says “I’m sorry I’m in experienced, this is my first time flying a plane but just have faith we will land safely” will you allow him? Then why in God’s name do you want to fly this genetic incompatibility marriage by faith?

of course, there is a way out, the bone
marrow transplant for infants but lack
of expertise and the high cost of the
operation makes preventive measures the
best option, more so, why ask about a
fireproof when you can avoid the fire.



“I Oluwatayo Williams take you Oluwatomi
Adeniyi as my lawfully wedded wife to
love and to hold, in sickness and in
health, in poverty and in…”

so now, I introduce to you the latest

couple in town “Mr. and Mrs. Williams”



my wife and I really appreciate
everybody present at our baby’s naming
ceremony. We all know our story, we got
married 5 years ago and since then we
have been trusting God for a child, it
pays to serve Him, you can see the
little baby, she’s as pretty as her mom,
now I have two of them around me

There are applauds from the good wishers

The child keeps growing and becoming more and more beautiful by the day, looking so much like her mother. She was named Adetoun, she has long hair like her father, sparkling eyes like her mother with a shinny skin.

Mummy, I want to be a teacher when I am big…

Yes baby girl, you can be one (she
responds with a broad smile)

At age four, she became very sick with swollen hand and feet, luckily their neighbor who is a nurse was around with
them that night, she was the one who noticed there was something wrong with the little girl, she called the parent’s attention to it so they decided to visit the hospital, Toun was on admission for 3 days, along the line, her genotype was taken and was confirmed that she has the Sickle cell disease, the parents turned to each other’s face as the doctor broke the news to them in his office.

It’s not the end of the world…

From that day on, Toun has been in and out of hospital, there has been so much depression in the house; sleepless nights by the parents, there are times her school teacher would call that she has been admitted to the school clinic and the parents will
run down from work. Her situation will get critical and mild and critical and mild and more critical; as she keeps growing up she keeps getting more and more aware of her predicament. One day in school, they are being taught about genotype, blood groups, hematology in their Biology, she could not help the tears streaming down her pretty cheeks as she excused herself and ran to the restroom. That day, she got home not talking to any of
her parents, they kept wondering what could have been wrong with her so they both decided to go meet her in her room to find out what was wrong with her, they knocked but there was no response, her father opened the door quietly and they both stepped in; they met her sobbing quietly with her face swollen, the mother quickly approached her to throw her arms around her

Don’t touch me!

Her mother was scared as that sounded strange

Why? Why? You two are selfish!

Baby, what are you saying? (He stammers)

tell me you both didn’t know about your genotype before you got married! But you chose to marry anyway because you don’t care about me, you only cared about your selfish love! I hate you two, I hate
you! I am the one who breaks down every time, not you, I am the one in and out of admission not you, I am the one on drugs every time not you! I feel the pain; I
go through the shame, not you! Then you want me to believe you love me, if you loved me you would not want me sick, you make me sick and pretend you love me, yes! The two of you make me sick, I know very soon I may die because I am not afraid of death, I have come face to
face with it severally, if I do, don’t bother mentioning God for taking my life because you two did, you two are evil!

For a while, the parents were mute and speechless not knowing how to respond to the shocking expression from their daughter

Mr. Williams, you are the man of the
house and that is why I’ve called you out
to tell you this. I just pushed the
women to go home and bring some stuff,
you really need to be strong for your
family at this point… we tried our
best Mr. Williams we did…

(looking at the expression on the
doctor’s face knew where he was going)
ah! No… not my baby… my baby can’t be gone
(He puts his two hands on his head as he
collapsed to the chair beside him)
Sickle-cell disease is an incurable genetic disorder widespread in sub-Saharan Africa and among descendants of Africans worldwide. Sufferers have no visible symptoms, but periodically experience severe pain and are also highly prone to anemia because the blood cells break down after only 10-20 days, rather than the usual four months.

Around four million Nigerians are estimated to suffer from the disease, while 25 million others carry the genes which they pass to their offspring.

From available statistics, 100,000 infants die from the sickle-cell disease in Nigeria annually, making it the number one sickle-cell endemic country in Africa.

Based on World Health Organization [WHO] indices, Nigeria accounts for 75 percent of infant sickle-cell cases in Africa and almost 80 percent of infant deaths from the disease in the continent.

Although sickle-cell in infants is curable through bone marrow transplants, lack of expertise and the high cost of the operation makes preventive measures the best option, medical experts say. “This is why we advocate genetic counseling by intending couples before marriage to determine the status of their genes. People should go for a genetic test in the same way they determine their HIV status before marriage as the most effective way to protect their children and curtail the disease” – Sadiq Wali (President of Nigeria Sickle cell Foundation)

Before you 2 get into that stage where you are head over heel in love with each other PLEASE GO FOR YOUR GENOTYPE TEST.